Posted on October 03, 2013

Below the quotes from the AFC U-19 Championship Qualifiers Press Conference.

Uzbekistan - Aleksey Evstafeev

In my opinion, all teams are ready well prepared for this tournament and are all eager to qualify. We respect all teams and wish everyone luck. We have put together our team since January and played in UAE in March against Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. We also had a training camp in Uzbekistan that ran for two months.

Our next match is important and strong and we are given advantage by not playing in the first round it allows us to see how the teams are playing.


Qatar – Felix Sanchez

I’d like to welcome everyone to this tournament. We have been preparing heavily for this tournament. We are in it to qualify, and respect all participating teams. We had a training  camp in Spain and participating in many tournaments abroad. Being the host country of this tournament gives an advantage, and we are eager to get first place in the group. We have a few minor injuries, but hopefully it won’t affect our performance.


Nepal – Raju Kaji Shakya

We would like to thank QFA for hosting us and for their wonderful hospitality. We’ve been training a great deal for the last two months. Our first match with Turkmenistan will be quite difficult as we don’t have much information about the way they play. We know a lot about Indian football considering the proximity of India to Nepal.


Turkmenistan – Kovusov Oregeldi

We are hoping to reach the finals of the championship. We have a few players who play in first division and they will act as a backbone for the team. Our first match is very important to us and we hope to qualify and gain lots of points.


India – Colm Joseph Toal

We came to Qatar to win and qualify. Our match with Qatar is going to be very tough. We had a 15 day training camp in China and played a friendly with U17 China and U19 Shanghai so hopefully we’ll be well prepared for the upcoming matches.

How does it feel to fly with the best ?