Posted on July 02, 2015

The establishment of the College of Medicine at Qatar University is an important milestone in the history of the University, aimed at meeting national need for highly competent locally trained doctors who are able to contribute to the growth and development in the healthcare sector. The University announced its acceptance of seventeen Qatari students who are conditionally admitted and five students, who were transferred from other disciplines at Qatar University.

In order to shed light on the interests of some students who joined the College of Medicine at Qatar University and their future aspirations, we conducted the following interviews with them: Student Fatima Al Mohannadi said: "Ever since childhood, it has been my dream to become a doctor. To achieve this goal, I joined the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar to study medicine, but I transferred to Qatar University, which provides the appropriate cultural environment for me as a Qatari student who wants to gain the best knowledge in the field of medicine."

Fatima added: "My acceptance in the College of Medicine at Qatar University is a historic and long awaited moment, and I intend to prove myself, persistently and with continued perseverance, as an excelling student in the first class of the College of Medicine. As a physician, I also aspire to enrich the medical field in my country and develop it in a manner commensurate with the health needs of individuals in the State of Qatar.” Her fellow student, Mariam Mansour also said: "The reason I joined the College of Medicine at Qatar University is my desire to contribute to the Qatari National Vision 2030, which aims to provide quality healthcare to individuals in Qatar, thus bringing prosperity to the people of Qatar."

As for why she chose the College of Medicine at Qatar University, Mariam said: "Qatar University made great efforts to attract students wishing to study medicine and become part of the first class, and graduate after six years of study. Joining the College of Medicine is a big responsibility especially that we are the first class. It is our responsibility to build the college reputation and to be competent graduates and lead by example for the second class of students and those who follow later. We must strive to prove our worthiness and to assume this responsibility and achieve the objectives of the College of Medicine and its future aspirations."

As for her own future aspirations, Mariam Mansour hopes to complete her career and conduct graduate studies in order to specialize in heart disease because of the prevalence of cardiovascular disease significantly in the State of Qatar. Mariam added: "There is no doubt that the Qatari women have an active role in the medical profession. I believe that Qatar University’s launch of the College of Medicine is very important and will help Qatari women to prove their worth as distinct physicians armed with science and knowledge and are able to deal with different patients."

Student, Reem Mubarak also said: "I was very happy to be in the first class who received the acceptance for conditional admission from the College of Medicine at Qatar University. I will make every effort to positively influence others and to be among the distinguished and successful students. My acceptance into the College of Medicine will enhance my confidence as a woman who is able to achieve distinct medical accomplishments and work side by side with doctors in the medical work environment." Reem indicated that she transferred to the College of Medicine at Qatar University because it is a national educational institution that provides an appropriate  educational environment in line with the principles of the Qatari society, culture and aspirations.

QU's first cohort of conditionally 2 [].jpgAs for her research achievements in the field of medicine, Reem explained: "I already took part with a research team in studying the bacteria called Cytrobecter, which resides in the soil. These bacteria caused the emergence of what is known as the Gulf War syndrome, whose symptoms were diagnosed among American soldiers in Iraq during the Gulf War, and which causes general weakness leading to almost paralyzing the patient. The research focused on the study of the bacteria’s response in a suitable environment for the spread of disease. "

Student Hissa Al-Marri said: "Perhaps the most important reason that led me to join the College of medicine at Qatar University is my volunteering work at Hamad General Hospital. I felt at some point in time the need to learn about rare diseases. After my acceptance in the College of Medicine, I aspire to be one of the graduates from the first cohort of the College of Medicine at Qatar University, and contribute to raising the awareness of individuals regarding new diseases and methods of prevention." Hissa added: "I aspire to complete my graduate studies and specialize in the field of cardiac surgery so that I can be a practicing specialist at the state level and not only practice general medicine."

On the other hand, student Doa’a Hajir said: "I aspire after six years of studying medicine to be able to help others and ease the pain and suffering of patients in hospitals. Diseases that have no cure were the focus of my research interest. Since I was in high school I aspired to conduct research that contributes to finding treatments for such diseases, God willing. I plan to specialize in internal medicine after graduating from the College."

In turn, student Samir Ali said: "Qatar University’s College of Medicine has excellent professors who contribute to provide graduates with high academic skills. Joining the College of Medicine in this prestigious University is a matter of self-pride, and my words are not enough to describe my gratitude to the Qatar University leadership for launching the College of Medicine, which puts the needs of the Qatari community first." Samir added: "The College of Medicine at Qatar University will be one of the best colleges that offer high quality medical education. I also thank the college for its partnerships with several medical organizations, such as Sidra and Hamad Medical Corporation and others, which will allow the students of the College of Medicine to benefit from different training and educational opportunities."

Student Yaman Fareed, said that above all the medical profession is a humanitarian profession. He believes that practicing this profession is a way of applying the principles of Islam by helping others. Samir explained that academic excellence and parents support were the main reason for his achievements and acceptance in the College of Medicine. Yaman said he would like to specialize in neurosurgery after graduating from the Qatar University.

Student Sabyia Ansari also said that she has dreamt about studying medicine since childhood, because of its humane purpose in helping people, and alleviating pain and suffering. She pointed that she aspires to pursue her medical education as a graduate of the first cohort of doctors graduating from the College of Medicine in order to contribute to the community awareness of the various aspects of health through specialized medical programs.