Posted on June 01, 2017

Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) has collected over QR4.9m to rescue six loan defaulting citizens. RAF in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior is waging a massive campaign to collect donations of QR128m to repay loans of 124 defaulting citizens including 13 women.

The campaign “Naffis Kurbathum w Lam Shamlahum” (solve their problems and help them reunite) aims to set free citizens serving jail sentence, and to rescue those who have received court verdict to repay the loans or go to prison, said a release. As for the conditions for benefiting from the campaign, Lieutenant Colonel Jabir Ali Al Baridi (pictured), representative from the Ministry and Head of the Supervising Committee for Campaign, said that there were a number of conditions that must be met to avail the benefits.

"Regarding awareness about the drive, RAF has been campaigning for years to raise awareness about bad debts and there is no doubt that what has been decided is that these campaigns will bear fruit in the short and long term. We touched many cases and raised the awareness of the seriousness of bad debt," Al Baridi said. The campaign was launched ahead of the holy month of Ramadan because most Muslims prefer to give Zakat (alms) in this moth. The idea behind the campaign is to approach the donors asking them to allocate a portion of their Zakat for loan defaulters to save them and their social life.

source: The Peninsula