Posted on April 15, 2016

Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) has provided QR1.26m to support limited-income people in Qatar who were unable to pay house rents due to financial difficulties, in the past three months. RAF also provided over QR2m to pay school and college fees of students from needy families. RAF’s Department for Social Services spent QR21.84m on needy families and individuals (citizens and expatriates) in the first quarter of this year.

The assistance was given to pay medical bills, rents, school fees and debts and as marriage support. Over QR1m was given in cash to support people with serious financial problems. The money was used under four social projects being implemented by RAF in Qatar — Ifaf (support for wedding), Tarahum (mercy), Tafrij Kurba ( for reimbursement of debts) and Basmat Amal (smile of hope for payment of medical bills)  “More than QR6.37m was spent on Ifaf project which supports youth to get married,” said Dr Yahya bin Ahmad Al Naimi, Head, Local Projects Section, RAF.

Cases of debts took more than QR1.94m. Projects for social support cost over QR4.75m and medical bills for critical health conditions, including surgeries and medicines, totalled QR1.38m. More than QR652,000 was spent on social service and QR420,000 for providing financial support for emergency cases. People who were unable to pay house rents received over QR1.26m. Fees for schools and colleges totalled QR2.07m. Segments of the community, including needy families (citizens and expatriates), poor individuals, families of widows and orphans, students, people in debt and limited-income families benefitted, said Al Naimi.

Financial support was also given to some families which faced tough times all of a sudden and needed aid to meet their daily needs. Such segments received support until their economic conditions improved, said Al Naimi. Needy families (Qataris or expatriates) can approach RAF for help. They should be living in Qatar. Applications are approved or rejected based on the financial condition of the families. RAF will conduct a visit to confirm the living and financial condition of the applicants. Priority is given to patients, youth unable to get married, people with disabilities, widows, divorcees and limited-income people.

source: The Peninsula