Posted on August 27, 2012

Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) is planning to spend QR27 million to provide shelter and medical aid for 20,000 Syrian refugees in Al Zaatari Camp on Syria-Jordan borders.

General Manager and Chairman of RAF Board of Trustees Ayed bin Dabsan al Qahtani has called on philanthropists to donate to the cause in order to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of Syrians who flee to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan on a daily basis.

RAF also aims to establish field hospitals, provide ambulances and other medical equipment to cater to the healthcare needs of the refugees.

Qahtani said the charity organisation was also looking at the possibility of providing the Al Zaatari Camp with one thousand mobile (caravans) homes with necessary furniture, including mattresses, blankets, pillows and other items, adding that some of the caravans would be used as mosques, sanitary facilities, schools for boys and girls as well as mobile clinics for the refugees.

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He said, “Al Zaatari Camp lacks many essential things that can make the lives of the refugees comfortable. The conditions in which they live are deteriorating every day because of the increasing influx and excessive heat.” He added that RAF delegations have visited Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey to study their living conditions, adding that through the generous donations of Qatari philanthropists the organisation has delivered some relief items to the refugees at different locations.

“I thank all the donors for supporting Syrian refugees. We still need more donations because the humanitarian crisis is becoming even more serious and the suffering growing by the day. Therefore, the charity efforts should be stepped up to ease the painful impact effects of the crisis on the daily life of the Syrian people,” Qahtani said.

Chairman of Community Service Department at RAF Dr Yahya bin Hamad al Nuaimi said, “The plight of Syrian people should be a global concern and the whole world should strive to find an end to the crisis in Syria and provide relief for the people.”

source: Qatar Tribune