Posted on May 27, 2018

When food arrives to the table, what is the one thing most people do before they start eating? They take a picture or a short video! And during Ramadan, this is no exception. Food photography and videography has evolved from simply taking a quick snap of your favourite dish to now capturing the most creative and visually appealing elements of our food, making it look even more delicious on camera.

When it comes to food photography and videography, there is one thing that can help make your posts stand out from the rest: the quality of your smartphone camera. We have already seen the exceptional quality photographs taken by the new HUAWEI P20 Pro, but there’s another feature that this device has that sets it apart from other smartphone cameras – it’s super slow-motion video and ultra-snapshot function.

Whether you are seasoning your iftar dishes with a sprinkle of salt and pepper or drizzling sugary syrup on your kunafa, HUAWEI’S new P20 Pro’s slow-motion mode will capture details that cannot be seen with the naked eye, thanks to its 960fps super slow motion, which is 4x higher than the standard 240fps. Each element of a dish, from the mixing of ingredients, to the final dusting of spices, is brought to life with exceptional detail and clarity, emphasizing the delicious quality of each item. With its ultra-snapshot mode, the phone can also capture an image in as little as 0.3 seconds, so you don’t have to miss a memorable food moment ever again.

The super slow-motion feature is ideal for capturing recipe creation, as well as the final dish. Re-creating your mother’s famous technique for kneading dough? Following her steps have never been easier with the precision and accuracy captured with the slow-motion feature. With the HUAWEI P20 Pro, your camera expertise will have friends and family eager to join you at home for iftar and suhoor.

See the new HUWEI P20 Pro on ‘Aghla Min Aldahab’ this Ramadan

This Ramadan, Huawei has also collaborated with prominent TV show ‘Aghla Min Aldahab’, which is running for the third consecutive season. The show, which will be airing on a number of TV stations across the region, showcases exclusive interviews with regional celebrities, providing never-before-seen insights into their personal lives, their work and their passions. This season, elements of the show have been shot on the new HUAWEI P20 Pro smartphone – this is the first TV Show in the Arab world to be filmed using a smartphone camera. The show uses the device’s exceptional 40 MP Leica triple camera powered by AI technology, AI Night Mode, 5X Hybrid Zoom and selfie 3D portrait lighting features to capture incredible shots with exceptional detail, clarity and vibrant colour.