Posted on December 01, 2017

Qatar's initial plan to have a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at the Mesaieed Port was scrapped by HH the Father Emir as he was not convinced about the capacity of the terminal, the country's former energy minister has said.
"However, the Father Emir's decision to build the terminal at Ras Laffan Port made Qatar the largest exporter of LNG," Abdullah bin Hamad al Attiyah said, while delivering a lecture at the Georgetown University recently.

Attiyah said,"In the early nineties when Qatar began producing LNG, we were thinking of building a terminal to export gas to other countries. So, we went with a proposal to build the terminal at Mesaieed Port, but HH did not agree to the plan due to capacity limitations at the port." The former energy minister said the proposed LNG terminal at Mesaieed would have handled a maximum capacity of 6 million tonnes of LNG, but the Father Emir was not convinced with the capacity of the terminal.

Attiyah said that the plan to build the terminal at Mesaieed was finally considered, despite the port being equipped with all the infrastructure required for an LNG terminal. "When we were planning the LNG terminal at Mesaieed, even the 6 million tonnes capacity was looking very big. It would have been an easy task to build the terminal at Mesaieed, but the Father Emir had other plans. He wanted to have a terminal which could handle larger volumes of LNG at a new location," Attiyah said.

Later, when Ras Laffan Port was proposed for the new terminal, Attiyah said,"Everyone was surprised as that place hardly had any infrastructure during that time. But today, Ras Laffan, with 77 million capacity, has made Qatar the largest exporter of LNG. "Everything was built from scratch. The deep-water port can handle the largest ocean-going vessels, and operates the world's biggest LNG export facility." Apart from LNG, the port also exports condensate and sulfur. "As the commercial traffic grows, the port will be expanded. Long-term studies are underway to assess the need for enhanced facilities at Ras Laffan." Attiyah said.

source: Qatar Tribune