Posted on March 29, 2015

In keeping in line with the vision of the Ministry of Environment its internal mission to protect the environment and have a clean and green surrounding, Dulsco joined hands with Qatar’s Safari Mall for its ‘No Plastics Campaign’. Within two hours more than 1,500 enthusiastic shoppers including mall visitors and mall management signed the green pledge. Also as part of this campaign, Dulsco distributed 1,500 re-usable bags to Safari Mall shoppers. As per studies conducted an estimated 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide every day.

Dulsco had more than 40 green team volunteers who engaged with the shoppers and explained the hazards that plastic bags cause to the environment. Shoppers were then given free re-usable bags and asked to sign the green pledge, thereby reiterating the fact that they are all part of this green journey. The event got a tremendous response from the shoppers who were enthusiastic about the idea and whole-heartedly supported it and also appreciated the efforts of Safari mall and Dulsco for running this campaign.

“We were delighted to see that shoppers have responded so positively. This says a lot of about how people are getting more and more environment conscious and want to preserve it. Such campaigns that talk about the hazards of plastic are important to create awareness and educate the society, especially children. Many municipalities in the Gulf region are targeting shopping malls and grocery stores to reduce dependence on single-use plastic bags - which is a great move. We welcome all such initiatives and will support every effort taken to reduce the menace of the plastic bag usage in Qatar,” said Mr. Aboobacker Madappat, Managing Director, Safari Group.

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“The environmental hazards caused due to single-use plastic bags are enormous and unimaginable. Given this background and as a company, Dulsco is increasingly committed to the green vision of this country and we aim to undertake all the efforts to ensure that we support and develop an environmentally conscious ecosystem. Rising population and a lack of public awareness have largely contributed to the increasing levels of waste being produced by countries across the region. Increased usage of plastic bags has a very strong impact on public health, the environment and the long-term sustainability of our society,” said Mr. Joseph Mathew, Director, and Dulsco Qatar.

Last month, Dulsco conducted the ‘Recycle-to-Regain’ recycling drive as part of its support to the ‘Qatar National Environment Day’ campaign driven by Ministry of Environment. In support of this campaign, a record 804 kilograms of recyclables was collected by the environmentally conscious students of MES Indian School in Qatar in less than 48 hours. The objective of the campaign was to spread awareness on importance of recycling amongst the students. Students brought recyclables like paper, plastics and cans to the school during the two days. Here too as part of the activity, the “green pledge” signature campaign was undertaken.

Dulsco’s, ‘recycle-to-regain’ campaign met with great success among residents and organisations in Qatar. This is an important element in Dulsco’s CSR vision and has helped in reducing the pressure on landfills.