Posted on July 06, 2017

Three research proposals designed to address emerging issues affecting the well-being of the Arab family have been awarded grants through OSRA, a program launched by the Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), in collaboration with the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).

OSRA, which means “family” in Arabic, is a DIFI-QNRF joint initiative that unites researchers to study the challenges presently facing Arab families across the region. It is designed to encourage research that can be used to develop a knowledge base about the Arab family. In this second cycle of the grant, DIFI and QNRF, a member of Qatar Foundation Research and Development, aim to encourage research that contributes to the development of evidence-based policies and programs on families, marriage, parenting, parenthood and divorce.

The call for proposals, launched in December 2016, saw strong interest from both local and regional academic research institutions, with 17 proposals submitted as part of the highly competitive review process. Priority was given to those proposals focused on researching the effects of wars and conflict on parent-child relationships within Arab families. The three awarded proposals came from the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar University and the American University of Beirut. DIFI’s Executive Director, Noor Al-Malki Al-Jehani, said, “Building on the success of the first OSRA cycle, we are creating a combination where the practice of these advanced research theories will offer us a thought-provoking, firsthand look into solving some of the family issues we see in the region today.”

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Commenting on the OSRA grants, Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, QNRF’s Executive Director, said, “QNRF’s collaboration with DIFI continues to address the challenges facing families in the Arab world and, by expanding our skill set in this area, we are creating future-focused professionals who gain advanced critical-thinking skills. The evidence-based research from these projects will then supply policy-makers with new, in-depth perspectives and assist in the formation of policies designed to promote families’ well-being.”

Elaborating further on the benefits of OSRA awarded proposals, Al Jehani added, “The OSRA grants clearly demonstrate how research is an essential tool in addressing and solving societal challenges.  Researchers from across the region can collaborate to study societal issues that affect our families while offering the opportunity to introduce greater coherence into policies and practices.”

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