Posted on September 29, 2015

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) yesterday celebrated World Tourism Day (WTD) by handing out 2,017 roses to visitors at Hamad International Airport arrivals terminal, said The Peninsula. The celebration was in collaboration with Roza Hassad to mark Qatar’s winning the right to host official WTD 2017 celebrations. The biggest global event in tourism aims to raise awareness of cultural, social, political and economic values of the tourism sector. 

Global celebrations are held this year under the theme ‘One Billion Tourists — One Billion Opportunities’ as international tourist arrivals grew by 4.3 percent to 1.133 billion last year. The increase in has grown the economic potential for tourism in countries across the world, with international tourism generating $1.5trn in export earnings. QTA welcomed visitors and travellers through Qatar with roses grown in Qatar, packaged in boxes carrying the WTD slogan, and a message reminding them that every time they travel, they become part of a global movement that has the power to create opportunities and positive social and economic change. 

Qatar Airways Baku

Faisal Al Mohannadi, PR and Communications Director, QTA, said, “We are delighted to extend celebrations to Qatar’s visitors, who contribute to the growth of our tourism sector and to use today as an opportunity to emphasise that Qatar has the potential to capitalise on the economic and social value of tourism, especially with its tourism sector ranking among the fastest growing globally.” “In 2017, Qatar will host official WTD celebrations under the theme ‘Sustainable Tourism – A Tool for Development,’ that aligns with Qatar’s National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030, which aims to foster a sustainable and mature sector that can support the country’s efforts to diversify economy and achieve sustainable growth. 

The strategy sets pathways to achieve this growth, including international co-operation, attracting investments, and opening representative offices abroad,” he added.