Posted on May 20, 2014

Reach Out to Asia (ROTA), Qatar’s leading non-profit organization, in its continuing endeavor to provide people the right to education and to adopt new, modern tools and technology in learning, has signed an agreement naming Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company (Muntajat) Q.J.S.C as the ‘Official Sponsor’ of ROTA’s iEARN-Qatar program for the coming three years.

Established in 2012, Muntajat is the gateway to Qatar’s chemical and petrochemical industry. Muntajat holds exclusive rights to purchase, market, distribute and sell Qatar’s production of chemical, polymer and fertilizer products on the global market. With the signing of this sponsorship deal with ROTA, Muntajat kicks off its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program aimed contributing to the development of society in Qatar and abroad. These efforts are in line with the company’s commitment towards fulfilling Qatar's National Vision 2030 and improving the quality of education in Qatar.

The sponsorship agreement was signed by Mr. Mohamed Jassim Al Naama, ROTA Acting Director and Mr. Abdulrahman Ali Al-Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer of Muntajat, at a ceremony held at Muntajat premises on May 19th. iEARN is a non-profit organization made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 130 countries, empowering teachers and young people to work together using the Internet and other new communications technologies. Over 2,000,000 students each day are engaged in collaborative iEARN projects worldwide.

Reach Out to Asia, as the sole representative for iEARN in Qatar since 2008, has been supporting iEARN’s objectives of improving learning and teaching, and arousing civil awareness and responsibility. About 450 teachers from 95 schools in Qatar have benefitted to date by attending ROTA’s iEARN-Qatar workshops, and have participated in a variety of iEARN projects with their students. Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Mohamed Jassim Al Naama, said, “As technology plays an important role in improving learning and teaching, the support from Muntajat will provide an excellent opportunity for us to reinforce our shared goal of providing the youth of today with the tools and skills necessary for them to actively participate in the economic, social, human and environmental pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030.”

He added: “ROTA is happy to collaborate with Muntajat for the Arab youth improvement through iEARN-Qatar Program 2014. We aim to provide students and teachers with modern tools of learning to join a global community who believes in the Internet-based collaboration for a better planet. We are two responsible institutions aware of our leading role and what the local and international communities are requiring from both of us. It is through partnerships such as this, that the youth of Qatar will gain the skills necessary to become the leaders of our communities, our cities and our countries”.

ROTA and Muntajat sign [].jpg

iEARN enables young people to go beyond learning about the world, to learning with peers around the planet by using connective technologies. Instead of just a few students who are able to physically visit another country, the entire class can have personal and educationally valuable experiences with other cultures. Commenting on behalf of Muntajat, Mr. Abdulrahman Ali Al-Abdulla said: “We are pleased to team up with ROTA to sponsor the iEARN-Qatar program. iEARN is a pioneering educational network, and through our involvement in this program we will be providing people in Qatar with better opportunities for a quality education”.

Mr. Al-Abdulla also said, “Education and opportunity are at the core of the Muntajat CSR strategy. A society that values and supports education at every level, from young children to post-graduate, will succeed. Education opens the door to opportunity; opportunity to choose a career and advance and be fulfilled in one’s job. The iEARN-Qatar program promotes cultural exchange among students from around the world, which is aligned with our position as a multinational company. The agreement will offer us an opportunity to connect with our youth while at the same time engage with the local and international communities".

In July 2013, iEARN-Qatar hosted the 20th Annual iEARN International Conference and 17th Annual Youth Summit. This platform was open to all educators and learners, and brought together participants from over 50 countries. Qatar was the first GCC country to stage the iEARN international conference when ROTA hosted the annual event. The theme for the 2013 conference was ‘ICT for Education: Reaching Out, Building Bridges’, and focused on the use of technologies in education to reach out, learn and build a better world together. It provided ROTA with an opportunity to showcase educational technological activities, school partnerships, new Internet-based professional development tools and collaborative efforts of youth and educators from across the world.

Since the beginning of 2014, ROTA has partnered with Qatar University’s National Center for Educators Development to co-implement the iEARN-Qatar program. This strategic partnership will definitely improve the quality and reach of the program. “This agreement will be the beginning of a broader partnership with Muntajat to accomplish the noble goals that the two organizations are aiming to realize. The most important of those goals is to help the community in Qatar by enabling the youth to improve their lives, and face the challenges of their future” concluded Al Naama.