Posted on March 20, 2011

Teachers from K-12 schools across Qatar have attended training about opportunities to collaborate within the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN), and the ROTA Knowledge Networkat workshops run by Reach Out To Asia

The iEARN-Qatar workshops are part of the ROTA Knowledge Network initiative to build a sustainable online community of educators and students across the Asian continent. In total 24 teachers attended the two workshops at Education City entitled Introduction to iEARN project (March 10) and iEARN-Qatar and the ROTA Knowledge Network (March 19, 20, 21).

Group Photo

Pascal Siegle ROTA Senior Programs manager said: “iEARN workshops focus on supporting and empowering teachers to develop as professionals by offering the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate Project Based Learning and ICT into their classrooms to improve the quality of education.”

“We are pleased that more educators and schools are joining our workshops and the ROTA Knowledge Network online community. Through the Knowledge Network and ROTA’s connection with iEARN, we are establishing connections between schools in ROTA’s focal countries and around the world,” added Pascal

Following the successful completion of its latest iEARN Workshops, ROTA has so far trained 300 teachers from 75 schools in Qatar, that are now members ofthe ROTA Knowledge Network community.

Founded by ROTA, iEARN-Qatar supports a Qatar-based online community of educators and learners by providing professional development for teachers and establishing connections between schools in Qatar and other countries.

Teachers attending the workshops will benefit afterwards from the 12 week online Professional Development course. During this course they will implement meaningful projects with their students while benefitting from the support of iEARN-Qatar facilitators and collaborating with an international community of educators. They will also benefit from the online resources and tools available on the ROTA Knowledge Network and the iEARN web portals.

During the workshop

“Thanks to the ROTA Knowledge Network and iEARN-Qatar, I now have access to a wide network that presents flexible technology-based educational opportunities for the benefit of teachers in Qatar and many other nations,” says a teacher attending the workshops.