Posted on November 04, 2017

Local companies that have filled in for the lack of food products coming from the siege countries have doubled their business in major hypermarkets and grocery stores since the economic blockade started, according to industry sources.

Most of these food companies, including Qatari farms, are not only experiencing brisk business but are also estimated to be witnessing at least “a 100% increase in sales”, said LuLu Group International regional manager (Qatar and Egypt) Shanavas P M. “Our focus now is mainly on local products. We are supporting all local produce, whether fruits or vegetables, including food and non-food items. This is in line with our support for Qatar and its initiatives related to the promotion of locally-made products,” he told Gulf Times. Shanavas noted that there is a high demand for certain kinds of foodstuff, such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables. “We are taking whatever is available in the market … we have six LuLu outlets across Qatar but the requirement is much more,” he pointed out. 

He said LuLu is working with some 10 Qatari farms since the blockade started on June 5. “Now that the winter season is coming, we are expecting to witness an increased demand for products like cucumber, tomatoes, chilli, eggplant and other similar items, which is why we are already working with local farms in Qatar to get their produce on our shelves,” he pointed out. “Our customers also prefer these local products because of their freshness. Qatari farms can easily transport their produce and are readily available in our stores - as compared to the delivery time needed for products imported from other countries,” he said.

A store manager from another hypermarket said they have witnessed an increase in the volume of various food and non-food items delivered to their warehouses.  “There’s one company that used to despatch a small truck to deliver several boxes of their products. But after the economic blockade started, we have been receiving large crates from them, which is a clear indication that demand has gone up and business has improved.” Since the blockade began, government authorities and the private sector have launched a series of initiatives to promote the sale of locally-made products in the Qatari market.

source: Gulf Times