Posted on November 06, 2014
The teams of San Lorenzo also dominated the last day of this weeks "Tri-Series": The U-18s of the Argentinians beat Aspire Academy 2-0, while the U-16 team also defeated the Qatari talents 2-0. As a consequence San Lorenzo won both age groups ahead of Aspire Academy and Beijing Guaon.
"It's been fantastic, not only the tournament, but also the visit of Qatar has been something we will always remember," said Argentinian U-17 international Tomas Conechny, who had many more positive things to say. "The organization was perfect, the facilities extraordinary, there is nothing comparable in Argentina. And, of course, it was very interesting to play teams from different countries that play different styles." San Lorenzo's pro secretary Gaston Rocheray also expressed his satisfaction about the trip. "This trip has turned out to be a great experience. Usually our players at this age go to Chile or Brazil, this was the first time we went to Asia and it has been special. For some players it was even the first time on a plane. The time here was quite intense, but we really enjoyed it."

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Tri-Series Tournament, Aspire Academy, November 3-5 2014
    Age group 1997 (U-18)
    Results: Aspire Academy – Beijing Guoan 3-2,
                San Lorenzo - Beijing Guaon 5-0,
                Aspire Academy – San Lorenzo 0-2.
    Final standing: 1. San Lorenzo
                               2. Aspire Academy
                               3. Beijing Guaon
    Age group 1999 (U-16)
    Results: Aspire Academy – Beijing Guoan 6-0
                San Lorenzo - Beijing Guaon 2-1
                Aspire Academy – San Lorenzo 0-2
    Final standing: 1. San Lorenzo
                               2. Aspire Academy
                               3. Beijing Guaon