Posted on March 31, 2014

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics released the second issue of Qatar Monthly Statistics bulletin which covers a couple of population, social and economic statistics. The brief bulletin is presented to governmental and private institutions.

The second issue of Qatar Monthly Statistics [].jpgTopics like population, marriages and divorces, road accidents, import and export figures, movement of vessels at the ports, postal traffic, vehicles registration, real estate transactions, and the produced electricity and water are included in the monthly bulletin. The statistics show that the latest population figure in Qatar amounted to 2.1 million in February, of whom males constituted almost 1.5 million. The 15-64 age group is estimated at 1.7 million of total population.

The monthly bulletin clarifies that marriages totaled at 234 were registered in February, whereas the majority of divorces were 99 cases in the same month. The total number of births attained 1603 children last month, 810 of whom are males, and the total Qatari births accounted for 450, of whom 231 are females. The bulletin also points out that the number of deaths in Qatar in February amounted to 193, of whom 50 are Qatari nationals.

The total traffic accidents amounted to 572 in February, 13 of which led to death. Serious accidents reached 48, and unserious ones registered 511 cases. The total vehicles registered at the traffic department in February amounted to 8123 vehicles, of which 5250 are private, and 1980 vehicles for private transportation, and 188 private motorcycles. The number of 7433 driving licenses was issued last month; 438 for Qatari nationals, and 6995 for non-Qatari nationals.

Economically, the Consumer Price Index attained 116.5 points last month. As for The foreign trade data, the bulletin indicates that Japan is one of Qatar major export destinations. Japan was ranked first with over QR12.662 billion, followed by South Korea QR 10.447 billion, and India QR 5.391 billion. The maximum imports were from the US with over QR 917.307 million, followed by China QR889.763 million, and the United Arab Emirates with QR 649.745 million.

Real estate transactions amounted to 748 valued at over than QR 2.8 billion. The total electricity generated was nearly 1.865 million kilowatts, and water production exceeded 29.430 million cubic meters. At the Doha International Airport, in February, the total number of passengers were 2650635 with 1018610 arrivals, 965565 departures and 666460 in transit. It is noteworthy that this monthly bulletin has been released effective from February 2014, aiming to identify the developments and changes that occur in the social and economic aspects of the State of Qatar.

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