Posted on August 12, 2016

​Electricity Network Affairs in Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “Kahramaa” had attained many achievements during the second quarter of this year 2016; in order to achieve the index performance of business operational and plans for the strategic programs and projects in accordance with the required standards for power supply continuity with high quality and without interruption which achieves sustainability.

Kahramaa has monitored maintenance works and earliest replacement of the existing network in electrical distributing stations in order to reduce damages rate. In second quarter of 2016, the Corporation has operated 490 distributing transformers, 301 distributing plants beside building 148 electrical distributing stations. It also has completed civilian maintenance works for 320 stations in order to maintain the performance level of the electrical network stability within adopted operating levels.      

Kahramaa also has extended 443 km of distributing cables with 415V, 372 km of distributing cables with 11K/V. In addition to that, it controlled all frequenter interruption cases for customers which reached 13731 case. On the other hand, the performance of the electrical transmission networks has been improved during the second quarter of this year, where 88% of protection devices have been qualified and replaced with modern digital devices. Moreover, 70% of reading meters projects that measure the efficiency of equipment and devices for senior customers have been completed. In addition, the possibility of taking temporary consuming readings relates to new tariff and accomplishment of transferring many electrical circuits for other authorities in the state such as “Ashghal” and “Rail”.     

On the level of Electricity Control Center Management, the center has accomplished  many of maintenance works during this period, where 1658 permits have been issued for maintenance working, station constructions, and repairing damages. The Center also issued 1557 permits for checking and choosing missions and electrical equipment for medium voltage network, constructed 298 new electricity distributing stations, removing around 9.33 km overhead lines, extended 296.75 km of underground cables with estimated capacity 287.4 for supporting the medium voltage network.

In addition to that, the center fixed 232 damages in distributing network stations and returned the electricity for customer according to targeted performance indexes in damages controlling to secure the working of the network which achieves Kahramaa aspirations during summer. Moreover, 75% of the Cyber Security Project has been accomplished for “Escada Control Center”, upgrading controlling systems, controlling the stations and securing the appropriate electrical feedings for many activities of the country.   

It’s worth mentioning that Kahramaa has developed many challenges for the future strategic plans that aim at improving performance to raise the level of electrical network via periodical maintenance for transmitting and distributing plants and watching them through National Controlling Center to reach the targeted objectives and to keep in pace with strategy and goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 as well as achieving the overall development and sustainability for State of Qatar.