Posted on April 22, 2018

Huawei recently launched HUAWEI nova 3e as a new model for young, fashion-conscious consumers who value individualized experiences greatly. Like many of Huawei’s current devices, HUAWEI nova 3e features the FullView display and the latest EMUI 8.0 operating system (OS). With a stylish overall design and fine craftsmanship, this model has been well received since it launched.

In order to entice young consumers, Huawei had put enormous effort to achieve perfection with the HUAWEI nova 3e, and its breakthrough notch design is an exemplary example of the handset maker’s attention to detail. Referred to as the “fringe” by Chinese netizens since it was introduced to the market by iPhone X, the notch has since become a standard feature of today’s smartphones. Nestled on top of the screen, the notch looks deceptively insignificant, but its dimensions actually have a direct influence on the overall design of a smartphone. HUAWEI nova 3e designers were thus meticulous when refining the notch design.

The secret behind Huawei 2 [].jpgNotch width nearly halved

The notch will shrink with time as smartphone manufacturers become better with packing more technology into a smaller space. For HUAWEI’s nova 3e, the design team at Huawei was able to confine all the incredible technology in notch that is only a 5mm thick. Even more impressively, the width of the notch is 47 percent smaller than that of the iPhone X. By achieving a tiny notch, Huawei gives consumers what is essentially a glimpse into the future of smartphone design with its new HUAWEI nova 3e.

Behind the notch: perfect layout of cameras, sensors and speakers

The smaller the notch, the harder it is to cram the cameras, sensors and the earpiece into the space. To put everything inside the tiny notch on HUAWEI nova 3e, Huawei made a few unique innovations for the device’s front camera. The dust-proof foam of the lens package has been shrunk by 0.2mm, and the earpiece was designed in the shape of the periscope in order to deliver incredible audio while using the minimal amount of space. These special customizations allowed Huawei to significantly cut down the size of the notch.

The secret behind Huawei 3 [].jpg

Unique antenna design optimizes space and performance

The antenna also proved to be a design challenge. To minimize the space the antenna occupies while ensuring signal reception remains uncompromised, Huawei adopted a unique antenna design which allows it to cut the length of the part from 11.1 mm to 2.6 mm without affecting the antenna’s performance.  

EMUI adapts to the notch

To make the most out of the FullView display, Huawei modified design elements of EMUI 8.0 so that HUAWEI nova 3e’s status bar uses the space on both sides of the notch. An option to fully mask out the extra areas is also available for users who prefer to hide the notch.

The minimal notch design is but one of the many outcomes resulting from HUAWEI’s pursuit of perfection. From the overall design to its build quality, every facet of the HUAWEI nova 3e exudes HUAWEI’s signature excellence. The FullView display-equipped Huawei has a very desirable cost-performance ratio and a low cost of entry, making it a very attractive option for younger consumers.