Posted on August 06, 2017

The last lunar eclipse of this year will be on Monday August 7, where it will be occurring during full moon of Hijric month "Dhul- Qa'da", Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced. There are three types of lunar eclipse: total, partial and penumbral. This lunar eclipse will be "partial type"; where part of the Moon will pass through Earth's umbra shadow.

The partial lunar eclipses will be visible throughout most of Asia (including Qatar), Africa, Europe, Australia, Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean, Dr Beshir Marzouk of QCH said. During tomorrow night, over eastern horizon of Qatar sky, Qatar residents will be able to see partial phase of lunar eclipse without astronomical telescopes. Penumbral phase is hard to see by naked eye, because during penumbral phase Moon will be slightly dark but not completely. It is hard to see the start and end of penumbral lunar eclipse by naked eye and one must use Astronomical telescopes or highly sensitive digital cameras.

All phases of lunar eclipse will be seen over Qatar sky. The penumbral phase will start over Qatar sky at 6:50pm Doha local time and the partial phase will be start at 8:23pm. This will reach its peak at 9:22pm; where Earth's umbra shadow will hide 24.6% of full moon, the partial phase of lunar eclipse will be end at 10:18pm, while the penumbral phase of lunar eclipse will be end 11:51 Pm Doha local time, Marzouk added. The duration of the total eclipse will be five hours and one minute, while the duration of partial phase of lunar eclipse will be one hour and fifty five minutes.  

The full moon will be rise over Doha sky on Monday at 6:04pm Doha local time, while its set time next day will be at 6:26am Doha local time.

source: The Peninsula