Posted on January 21, 2016

Sciences Education and Human Health Activity (SEHHA) at the Department of Health Science at College of Art and Science- Qatar University, continues its campaign in supporting the healthcare sector in Qatar. This valuable opportunity has been established to give high school students an in-depth learning experience with different health sciences, and to show them the career opportunities available in the health professions.

The 4th cycle event scheduled for four consecutive weeks from DEC 22nd, 2015 to JAN 14th 2016, remains a great opportunity for high school students to gain more knowledge of health career available at QU, meet new people, improve interpersonal skills, and get a taste of college life. The initiative inspires the Qatari students to consider the career of health sciences and increases the number of Qatari healthcare professionals accordingly. SEHHA has been brought to pass for the 4th cycle at the Department of Health Sciences. The event became an integral part of the department’s perception concerning the exposure of health science programs to the exterior communities, and inviting the citizens to take a part of health science & wellness in our honored country. 

A remarkable success was achieved in the previous three cycles of SEHHA among the past 2 years, in which, the DHS hosted more than 80 Qatari students from 38 independent & international schools in Qatar. The students enjoyed themselves learning health-related science and conducting meaningful experiments that are routinely performed in the clinical settings. The structured field trips were also an essential component of the program, during which, the participants were fascinated about their future career opportunities in various Qatari healthcare institutions. The ceremony witnessed a considerable number of audiences from different schools, health care institutions, academic institutions, sponsors, and participants’ families. Appreciation certificates have been handed to all whom contributed to the success of SEHHA event.

SEHHA continues its campaign 2 [qatarisbooming.jpg

Dr. Asma Al-Thani, Head of the Department of Health Science, and Director of Biomedical Research Center, expressed her appreciation to SEHHA sponsors and participants, she appraisd SEHHA’s success: “we are glad to witness such a brilliant success in SEHHA. The event continues to offer an incredible opportunity for high school students to broaden their perception regarding the health science and its applications. In addition, we aim to empower this generation with essential qualities, that accommodate the ever-increasing demands of skilled health professionals in the recent century. Being a College, that is unique of its kind in the country; hold us chargeable to enhance the healthcare sector in Qatar. SEHHA program has been carefully designed to accomplish its constructive purpose and meaningful rewards. ” Personal interview. JAN 11, 2016.

The current cycle of SEHHA, Involved 56 Qatari students recruited from 11 International & Independent Schools in Qatar . The stakeholders and academic advisors of the participating schools have shown great spirit and cooperation throughout the process. The participating students were granted the opportunity to interact with the health sciences faculty and perform blended activities that included hands-on experiments in the Biomedical Sciences, Public Health, and Human Nutrion. On the second day, the students were introduced to leading prospective employers of healthcare institutions, through a structured field trip to the New Research Center- Qatar University, Biobank, Sidra Medical and Research Center and Hamad Hospital. 

The exclusive sponsor for SEHHA is Sidra Medical and Research Center, the center has been supporting the initiative for the past two years. Dr. Eiman Al-Ansari, Excutive Director Learning and Development (Acting) in Sidra Medical Research Center said; “The learning and practical training curiosity is considered one of the most important factors for science students in the field of Medicine, Pharmacy, Biological and Health Sciences. Sidra Medical and Research Center is keen to continue offering new opportunities for learning and exploring the fields of science to enhance the level of knowledge and awareness desired in our coutry in order to improve the Qatari Human.”

SEHHA has reflected its image and became a famous activity among Qatar community, as a result, schools and students are eagerly thrilled to participate. The College of Health Sciences, stated the future SEHHA strategy, of continuous functioning as well as expanding the scale of activities and schools involved. SEHHA’s vision, is to eventually engage all the secondary schools of independent and international among Qatar, and grant an equal opportunity for all, who are interested to participate. The initiative is committed to make the difference among the healthcare sector, yet a long way to harvest the fruits, but the sprouting seeds became an evidence of the Colllege of Health Sciences influence and dynamism in the community.