Posted on September 27, 2015

Public awareness has increased on the safety and convenience of using the "lightweight and transparent" Shafaf liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders over its metallic counterpart, Woqod CEO Ibrahim al-Kuwari said in Gulf Times. Woqod has launched a "massive" campaign aimed at encouraging the public to replace their traditional metal LPG cylinders with Shafaf. The campaign, which runs until the end of December, is giving a discount to those who give up their metal gas cylinders for Shafaf. Instead of paying QR365, customers need pay only QR265. As part of the promotion, Woqod will refund QR100.

Speaking to Gulf Times earlier, al-Kuwari said the “campaign was successful,” adding that around 20% of Woqod customers are now using Shafaf instead of metal LPG cylinders. “We have very good results and the numbers are increasing. We have received a lot of metal cylinders during the campaign period. “We are phasing out these metal cylinders off the market and the customer response to the campaign was very successful. The percentages are very good, around 15% to 20% of our customers have already replaced their metal cylinders with Shafaf,” al-Kuwari said.

Al-Kuwari said the immediate replacement and phasing out of metal LPG cylinders “depends on the customers.” “The sooner they return their old metal cylinders, the faster we could replace them with Shafaf. For now, returning metal cylinders is voluntary, but we might reach a stage where it would become mandatory.” He added: “Replacing metal cylinders is more of a safety issue, and Shafaf is lightweight and safer compared to metal cylinders. “This campaign falls under our mandate to inform our customers the safety advantages of using Shafaf. The safety features of composite cylinders have been proven internationally and many countries have already been using this type of cylinder.”

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Shafaf LPG cylinders come in 12kg and 6kg and are suitable for flats, small villas, and average-sized families, and are available in all Woqod service stations. At the opening of Woqod’s 27th service station along the Al Wakrah-Mesaieed Road held recently, al-Kuwari told reporters that Woqod will continue to import Shafaf cylinders instead of manufacturing them in Qatar. “Based on the study we have conducted, we learned that for the time being it is not feasible to manufacture the cylinders here, which is why we did not push through with the project. Importing Shafaf cylinders is more feasible for us right now,” he explained.

The new service station, according to al-Kuwari, features a new Fahes Vehicle Inspection Centre, which will cater to motorists soon. “We are glad to inaugurate a new service station and Fahes centre. The Fahes centre will start inspection operations soon and after finalising small technical issues. This is the 27th service station and the third Fahes centre that Woqod has completed so far,” said al-Kuwari. He also stressed that Woqod is expected to deploy some 25 mobile petrol stations in key areas around Qatar within the next two months and bring to around 50 the total number of permanent petrol stations across the country by the end of 2016.