Posted on March 06, 2016

The Annual How Women Work Conference, a yearly event dedicated to empowering women in Qatar, is delighted to confirm Siemens Qatar, the local division of the global powerhouse that specialises in the fields of electrification, automation and digitalisation, as its Gold Sponsor. The upcoming event will be held from March 8-9, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Doha, to coincide with International Women’s Day, which is celebrated annually worldwide on March 8.

This year’s conference, centered on the theme Connecting the Dots, promises to be an interactive, inspiring and empowering two-day event. All attendees will have four ‘streams’ to choose from which include engaging workshops, lively panel discussions as well as dynamic activities pertinent to each stream: one for entrepreneurs and executives; one for employees and job seekers; and one for individual women with ambitions and aspirations – and for the first time: one for Arabic speakers.

As the Gold Sponsor of the Annual How Women Work Conference, Siemens Qatar will also be giving a workshop on Day Two led by Livia Freudl, Head of Human Resources at Siemens Qatar, on “Reducing unconscious bias to leverage potential fully”.Ultimately, the workshop will create awareness for women who may be influenced in their decision-making by unconscious bias such as limiting their possibilities to learn and achieve greater results, as well as how to make people decisions more objectively and how this will benefit them. This workshop will equip delegates with self-reflection, the methods and tools to overcome these biases, to allow women to make better decisions in a professional setting and to avoid being led by unconscious bias.

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In addition, How Women Work (HWW) hosted a fringe event for Siemens Qatar on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 with special guest speaker, Janina Kugel, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG.Ms. Kugel, a well-respected woman in her industry and one of the few women in this role worldwide, currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Siemens AG and has been an active Board Member since February 2015. Prior to that she was the Head of Personnel Strategy and Executive Development at Siemens, and served as the Head of Human Resources for OsramGmbHfrom 2012 to 2013. During Siemens AG’s repositioning, Ms. Kugel held the worldwide responsibility for human resources as well as executive development and was instrumental in preparing Osram’s HR organisation for the company’s public listing in July 2013.

Founder of HWW, Carolin Zeitler, said: “We feel honoured and privileged to be hosting an event for a woman of Janina Kugel’s caliber. She is one of the few much-needed role models for those women who dream of making it big in the corporate world. I am very grateful to Siemens WLL for their support and for granting me this wonderful opportunity at my last conference.”

Livia Freudl, spoke on behalf of Siemens Qatar, stating: “At Siemens we believe that diversity at the workplace is of utmost importance. Different thinking, backgrounds, experience, expertise and individual qualities foster creativity in a high-performance culture. At Siemens WLL Qatar we have a strong focus on increasing the number of females that we employ and we have a strong commitment to support the personal growth of females in the region. HWW has been a great partner for us on that journey and we are delighted to have the opportunity to further enhance our collaboration by sponsoring this year’s conference.”

The HWW Community was founded by Carolin Zeitler in 2009 due to her unwavering passion and dedication to empower women to grow and succeed, to reach hearts and minds, as well as to break down barriers and promote understanding across cultures and genders. In doing so, Carolin was able to bring together women with aspirations and ambitions to share their knowledge, ideas and ambitions, ultimately enabling them to find sustainable ways to succeed.

To secure your attendance at the seventh and the final Annual How Women Work Conference please visit Eventbrite to register and purchase your tickets online: , as places are expected to fill quickly.