Posted on May 10, 2011

Qatar's Social Development Center (QSDC) has come first among the Middle East And North African (Mena) Member States as far as annual development rates are concerned and achieved an annual development rate of 18.5% according to the competitiveness report 2010/2011 issued here of late.

The aforesaid Center expressed in a statement issued here on Monday deep thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed much to the enhancement of the development and welfare process in Qatar and underlined its serious and constant pursuit to cope and match the march of social growth and the community development in the State Of Qatar with a view to exploring its requirements.

Concluding its statement , the Center jumped to the 17th position after it had earlier occupied the 46th position and thus offered congratulations to the Qatari people and the State of Qatar and all those who contributed to such a march of growth and prosperity.