Posted on May 27, 2018

Vodafone Qatar helped close to 100 people get in touch with their loved ones back home as part of their Ramadan campaign to keep “Shukran” going and as one of the several corporate social responsibility activities that the Company is doing throughout the holy month.

Vodafone’s “Shukran” campaign, meaning thank you in Arabic, aims to spread positivity throughout the holy month of Ramadan in a bid to encourage the country to show their appreciation for everything and everyone in their lives. Shoppers at Safari Mall on Thursday and Friday were delighted to get the opportunity to call their loved ones for free via a specially designed Vodafone phone booth, equipped with a Vodafone powered mobile phone. Many of the shoppers had not talked to family and friends for weeks and were moved by the experience. International calls were made to countries including India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Oman and the USA. 

Mohammed Al Yami, Director of External Affairs, Vodafone Qatar said: “This was not only an opportunity to help people call their loved ones but also for us to say ‘Shukran’ to the people helping to build this country. ‘Shukran’ is a small gesture that can go a long way and we hope people will carry on the message and spread the positivity during the holy month and beyond.” Vodafone Qatar will give hundreds more the opportunity to call their loved ones on Thursday 31 May and Friday 1 June at Plaza Mall followed by Thursday 7 and Friday 8 at Al Khor mall. This will take place on all days between 8pm to midnight.