Posted on January 12, 2015

It's that time of year once again, and nothing marks the start of the festive winter season like Starbucks' famous latte and espresso based delights that bring its customers a special warmth all season long.

Starbucks Qatar marks the start of the 2 [].jpgThis winter season Starbucks is introducing the ‘Origin Espresso Latte Customization’; a concept that brings coffee lovers a choice of espresso in their favorite Starbucks Lattes. The Columbia Narino blend is the first choice of Origin Espresso and coffee base for this year. Colombia Narino coffee beans are grown on some of the highest coffee farms in the Grand Andes mountain range, giving this coffee a remarkable balance. The Origin Espresso concept grants customers new ways to experience coffee, and in this case, a new way to enjoy their lattes.

“The Origin Espresso Latte Customization winter offering stems from our commitment to continuously sharing brilliant coffee with our customers. It also allows us to help them discover new blends, giving them a choice to their favourite latte drinks. The Origin Espresso choice for this season is the Colombia Narino and we look forward to presenting this to our customers,” said Rana Shaheen, the Starbucks regional communications and CSR manager for the MENA region.

With the introduction of the Origin Espresso concept in early 2014 across the Starbucks branches in Qatar, customers can anticipate different Origin Espresso choices throughout the year, helping them discover exciting new coffees from around the world. The new Colombia Narino blend is available in all stores in Qatar, and Starbucks invites its customers to mark the start of their winter season with a new experience.Starbucks Qatar marks the start of the 3 [].jpg