Posted on February 06, 2011

The latest figures released by Qatar Statistical Authority (QSA) put the country’s population at 1,686,027, (1.686mn) as of January 31, making it the highest ever figure recorded in Qatar.

The previous highest was also incidentally recorded in January last year, when the country’s population was shown as 1,681,099, it said. The population is mentioned as the total number of the nationals and expatriates living in the country in a particular month.

Both Qataris and non-Qataris holding residence permits but outside the country at that time of count are not included in the population, according to the website.
The figures show there is still a fall in the total number of males in January this year compared to the corresponding month last year.

While there were 1,282,978 men in the country in January last year, the latest figures put the number of males at 1,258,462, the QSA records yielded. However, the latest figures found that there was an addition of more than 22,500 residents in the country compared to the figures of December 2010, when the population was put at 1,637,443.
While the December 2010 figures were marginally lesser than the 1,647,044, in November 2010, the October records put the country’s population at 1,664, 2 75.

Incidentally the previous highest number of women in the population was recorded in October 2010. There were 417,685 females in Qatar in the same month, according to QSA figures. In the latest figures, women shot up to 427,565, which is the largest figure of females ever recorded in the country.

In the last one year, the lowest population of the country was recorded in August 2010, when the figure was put as 1,578,985, about 108,000 less than the latest figures, signalling a significant rise of more than 10% in the country’s total population in five months.
August is perhaps the month when a large segment of the population leaves the country owing to extreme summer conditions.
Interestingly, the lowest women population in the last one year was also recorded in August 2010, when there were only 365,429 of them in the figure.
Even though the list did not mention the country’s population in the two months of June and July last year, the figure showed a decline of 36,333 in September 2010 compared to the May 2010 figures which put the population at 1,678,568. In September the figure was given as 1,642,235.

In the latest figures, women (427,565) constituted 25.35% of the country’s total population (1,686, 027). In August 2010, when the country recorded the lowest population figures of the last one year, women accounted for only 23.14% of the total residents, inquiries found.

Compared to the lowest figures of women recorded in August 2010 (365,429), the latest population of the country’s women (427565) showed a rise of 62,136 in their numbers, according to the QSA statistics.
The population figures of the country in December 2009 and December 2008 were given as 1,631,728 and 1,553,729 respectively.

courtesy of Ramesh Mathew, editor at Gulf Times