Posted on June 24, 2011

Qatar should not allow “football hooligans” from entering the country which would be one of the key factors in hosting a trouble-free 2022 World Cup, FIFA’s Security Chief said here yesterday.

Speaking during the second and final day of the “Public Safety and Security Summit” at the Ritz Sharq Village and Spa, Chris Eaton (pictured), the FIFA Head of Security has called on Qatar authorities to secure the list of trouble makers during the football games. Eaton also said that Qatar would host an “exceptional” tournament. “You need to prevent football hooligans from entering Qatar for the Cup. In the UK, those spectators who behave badly and try to create trouble during a football game are referred to as football hooligans. UK has got a list of them and they should share it with Qatar,” Eaton said while speaking on the safety and security issues that could challenge the Cup.

Eaton, who has more than 40 years of experience in police career which started in Australia and ended with a decade-long appointment with Interpol at their headquarters in Lyon, France, said that Qatar should also seek Interpol’s help to halt such “undesirable” people coming to the state. “The authorities should engage Interpol and also other countries to make a list. You should exclude those undesirable people. You don’t want them here. It is very important to act on this at the earliest.” He also called for sealing the borders — air, land and sea so that such types of fans do not have a chance to sneak into the country and cause trouble during FIFA’s showpiece event.

“You need to collect all data and the best solution is to control the border. It is the holistic and active way to preventing them. It is important to talk to other countries and reject them even before they plan a visit,” Eaton opined.

Eaton praised Hassan Al Thawadi, the Secretary-General of Qatar 2022 Board of Directors and said Qatar would host an exceptional World Cup. “I have no doubt about Qatar’s capability. They will host an exceptional World Cup. I have been constantly interacting with Hassan Al Thawadi and he is a man of energy and with full of confidence,” Eaton said.

Talking about safety and security during the World Cup, he said: “Stadium safety and security is a balance between good stadium design and good stadium management. One year before the World Cup, we have the Confederation Cup, which is a mini-World Cup. All stadiums will be tested during this event.”

He said that FIFA’s Safety and Security Regulation is under review at the moment and would be completed by May 31, 2012 and these regulations will have to be followed by 2018 hosts Russia and also Qatar. “This review is the first step in developing wider safety and security policies and concepts.”

He said that training and educating was necessary for safety and security during the World Cup. Eaton also mentioned how important national police service would be during the World Cup.

“It is very important to have the national police involved. And also during games, CCTV is very important. The Venue Operation Centre should be well positioned. The police should have a high panoramic view of the stadium. We should have full access to CCTV where we can zoom in and watch the movements of people,” Eaton said.

source: The Peninsula