Posted on March 07, 2014

In a series of Chamber Music at Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), the String Trio formed by three members of Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) enthralled Doha audience during a concert at MIA Atrium on Thursday. The show included Beethoven's String Trio in C Minor and Ernest von Dohnanyi Serenade. 

The concert was held in a very informal setting inside the museum for an enthusiastic audience of music lovers. Beethoven's trio in C minor is the work written by the composer in his early years of his musical career. The piece resonates between the darker minor key and the lighter major key. 

"Dohnanyi's trio is one of the greatest pieces for the string trio," the three musicians agreed and thought of preparing it for the museum concert. 

Because of their commitment with the QPO, musicians hardly find opportunities to play together music of their own liking. "Beethoven's trio is one of my favourite trios and we all agreed to include it for today's programme," said Croatian national Edita Fabek who played Viola. 

"We practised for three hours every day for almost three week to prepare for this concert," said Hungarian national Julia Korodi who played violin during the concert. The third member Harald Georgi, who played cello, was originally from Germany. 

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It is interesting to note that, though all three members came from different nationalities and backgrounds, still communicate through one language of music. Despite the hectic schedules of the QPO rehearsals and also their personal commitments, it is amazing that musicians still find time to join together to play music of their choice. 

"Playing in smaller configuration such as this is also good to hone musical skills of individual musicians and also improve performance at personal level, and ultimately turn into a good orchestra musician," said Edita while talking to Qatar Tribune. 

All the three players had great aspirations from the QPO where they play regularly as full time members. All of them had been playing with QPO ever since it was founded in Qatar. 

"When I look back in my past years, I realise that joining QPO was my best decision that I had ever made in my life," said Julia. "The orchestra is evolving at such an unprecedented pace that we feel proud to be part of this wonderful project," the artistes said in unison.