Posted on April 26, 2020

The Student Affairs Sector at Qatar University organized its annual gathering for its employees for the academic year 2019-2020 (remotely) through the visual broadcast technology of Microsoft Teams.

With the participation of Dr. Khalid Al-Khanji, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Khalifa Al-Hazaa, Director of the Student Experience Department, and Dr. Abdulla Al-Yafei, Associate Vice President for Student Life and Services, Noof Al-Kuwari, Associate Vice President for Admission and Enrollment. Dr. Haya Al-Attiya, Associate Vice President for Student Success and Development.

In the presence of 240 male and female employees affiliated with the Student Affairs Sector Dr. Khalid Al-Khanji, Vice President of Student Affairs, began his welcoming speech by thanking and appreciating the employees of the sector for their continuous efforts and services to students especially in light of the exceptional circumstances the whole world is going through. Urging them to continue their constructive efforts in serving the University and its students to support the educational process remotely, which would help in achieving the mission and vision of the University.

Also, Dr. Khalid stated, "Our presence today in this way is nothing but evidence of our insistence on living our lives and performing our duties under the new circumstances. It is also a great indication of our ability to deal with changing circumstances and without this flexibility and prior preparations and the readiness of Qatar University in technical spheres, we would not be able to keep pace with these rapid changes”.

It is so apparent that the initiatives and efforts of Qatar University in general and the Student Affairs Sector, in particular, have had a significant and tangible impact on the continuation of the educational process remotely. This resulted in providing our students with all support services, and necessary operations. In addition, Dr. Al-Khanji insisted on the importance of thinking and planning after the end of this crisis on the way of providing services, programs, and operations; what we must continue doing and what we must abandon in light of the evaluation of the new experience of university community.

From his side, Dr. Khalifa Al-Hazaa, Director of the Student Experience Department, presented the structure of the department of student experience, which is composed of student success section, the planning, and development section and the student data management section. He briefed the audience about the work and achievements of the strategy committees in the Student Affairs Sector, as well as about the work of the Early Alert System Committee (Sanad); in addition to the work of the Student Retention and Success Committee. Their work continued remotely and still gives strategic planning remarkable attention.

Dr. Abdulla Al-Yafei, Associate Vice President for Student Life and Services, said that the mission of the Student Life and Services sector is continuing; through providing opportunities to enrich students’ experiences and contribute to their personal, professional and academic growth through out of -class programs, activities, and services performed by professionals in the field of student affairs. About this crisis Dr. Al-Yafei continued and expressed how much this crisis surprised everyone and appeared as an obstacle preventing departments from achieving their educational goals and objectives, but these challenges and obstacles helped to create new opportunities and change in prevailing patterns of thinking and regular working methods, and coming over challenges and obstacles makes us stronger and in a better position.

As for Noof Al-Kuwari, Associate Vice President for Admission and Enrollment, she explained that the process of enrollment and admission for students at the University is still continuing in its regular format despite the current conditions and precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19); where all services were provided electronically and remotely. Al Kuwari presented a brief review and summarized all efforts of various departments in admissions and enrollment. Al-Kuwari added that the Admission and Enrollment Sector planned a systematic operational procedure to serve students in its various departments, in cooperation with the various academic and administrative departments at Qatar University.

Dr. Haya Al-Attiya, Associate Vice President for Student Success and Development, said at the beginning of her speech: "Crises create wealth, and the real wealth that we found during this crisis is the opportunities that were utilized and that will change the way we do our work in the future." Dr. Haya mentioned the efforts of the centers affiliated with the Success and Student Development Sector and the services provided to students, especially since the beginning of the crisis of the spread of the Coronavirus. Dr. Al-Attiya congratulated the Student Learning Support Center for obtaining the ISO certificate in November 2019.

At the end, a short movie was displayed for employees of the student affairs sector working from their homes in line with the state’s decisions about working remotely and following the guidelines for preventing the spread of the Corona virus and motivating each other to continue the hard work to offer best services to the students of Qatar University.