Posted on February 06, 2019

Although the internet and social media can be rich sources of information, users are also at risk of exposure to false news and defamatory comments. Experts from the Legal and Judicial Studies Center at the Ministry of Justice outlined these dangers during a workshop, held last week at Qatar National Library. The workshop provided young people with advice on how to stay safe online.

“The workshop provided an opportunity for young internet users to learn about electronic slander and libel crimes, how the Qatari law is dealing with these issues, and how to protect personal information and report any online defamatory remarks,” said Zaynab Yafie, a legal expert at the Ministry of Justice. Experts at the workshop shared recommendations with students from several local high schools on how to make sure their information remains safe when they are using the internet. “We are delighted to get the opportunity to attend this workshop in our favorite place in town,” said Hadia Al-Hababi, Learning Resource Center Officer at Rufaidah Bint Ka'ab Girls School. “Our students learned about internet safety—an issue that concerns us all. They also had the chance to register as members of the Library.”

Students learn about internet 2 [].jpg

Ola Abdul Rahman Mukhtar, a student from Sawda Bint Zama’a High School, who also attended the workshop, said: "I learned new information about online crimes, which we don’t often study at our school. I also had the chance to borrow my favorite books from the Library.”  The event also provided an opportunity for newcomers to learn about the facilities available at the Library. “This is my first visit to the Library. I am impressed with the facilities here and will visit again to borrow books, since I received my membership card," said Tanzeel Mohammed Saleh, a student at Rufaidah Bint Ka'ab Girls School.