Posted on March 04, 2020

Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, in collaboration with Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club, successfully concluded its participation on the sidelines of His Highness The Amir Sword Festival.

Bedaya’s participation involved 9 entrepreneurial projects which showcased their products and services during the event to motivate and support them morally and financially. The HH The Amir Sword Festival is one of the most prominent international horse racing tournaments in the region, attracting the most élite horses from stables around the world. With this remarkable partnership with Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club, Bedaya Centre offered Qatari entrepreneurial projects a perfect platform to showcase their products, promote them and have access to wide spectrum of equestrian audience who attended the event. The entrepreneurs utilised the opportunity to introduce the nature of their projects and raise awareness about their services.

Successful participation for entrepreneurial 2 [].jpg

During this year’s event, four entrepreneurial projects working in the F&B sector (coffee shops) had the opportunity to operate in the VIP area. “Dukan Bedaya” also provided the opportunity for 5 entrepreneurs at the garden area to showcase their products which focused on Qatar and its environment. These projects included the plantation methods of desert roses, miswak royal as well as many other products that promoted Qatar, especially with the attendance of international guests who came from abroad to follow the championship event.

Commenting on the successful participation, Hanane Ibrahim, Business Development Manager at Bedaya Center said,” This step reflects the level of interest that entrepreneurs in Qatar receive by giving them an opportunity and the best platforms to showcase their products and services, which supports the development of their businesses and market them in the best way to reach the largest possible segment of consumers.” “Thanks to our strategic partnership with the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club for the third consecutive year, we were able to involve nine entrepreneurial projects over a period of three days on the sidelines of HH The Amir Sword Festival, which contributed to supporting the entrepreneurs financially and morally. "