Posted on September 24, 2018

Supershield Italy, in partnership with Doha Engineering Services Co (DESCO), is presenting in Qatar its new LCT (Liquid Crystalline Technology) for waterproofing and protecting concrete structures and infrastructure.

Supershield has established its reputation not only in the world of concrete waterproofing, protection and durability enhancement, but also in various other fields of construction industry like thermal insulations, high performance coatings, architectural coatings, anti-slip treatments, industrial floors treatments and many more, by carefully integrating marketing and research strategies around the needs of their customers. The new Liquid Crystalline Technology, a chemical treatment, when added to the concrete mix as an additive or spayed on concrete, increases its durability by sealing pores, capillaries and micro-fractures with a needle-like crystalline formation that is insoluble and highly resistant. The new technology is based on Supershield DPC Technology of cement-based products, tested by Supershield since 1998 worldwide. 

The Liquid Crystalline Technology is easier to apply. Being water-based and more environment-friendly, the range covers additives, restoration and protection products for concrete. The LCT is the result of extensive research in the concrete behaviour and its durability. For concretes where permeability reducing admixtures or coatings have limitations, the Liquid Crystalline Technology waterproofs and enhances the concrete durability both under hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic pressure and is well suitable for buildings and mass concrete structures like bridges, flyovers, hydraulic and marine structures. It is a very unique, highly effective and the most advanced crystalline technology available today for concrete protection. 

Supershield-DESCO is participating in the Big 5 Qatar Exhibition for Building Services which will be held from tomorrow to Wednesday at Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre. A technical presentation will be held on Tuesday in stall no. J42, Hall No. 1, from 12 noon. 

source: The Peninsula