Posted on November 13, 2018

Two Ta’allum educators were officially designated ‘Microsoft Fellows’ this year in recognition of their achievements as technology education experts.

Erin Holding from AJA and Ahmed Sami from AMAB earn the title “Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow 2018-2019”. This prestigious award is granted to selected Microsoft educators who have demonstrated expertise and dedication collaborating with educators to transform classroom learning. They have been selected from among the over 6000-strong Microsoft Innovative Experts worldwide.

The two award winners, Ta’allum technology leaders of Al Jazeera Academy and Al Maha Academy for Boys, are proud and privileged to have received the honour. Erin and Ahmed are streamlining school wide efforts in developing students’ computer literacy - particularly in Microsoft Office programmes - and utilizing online learning resources. Erin says, “I'm excited to continue the great work already underway at school in terms of further developing the digital environment at Al Jazeera Academy.  It’s also a testament to how much we've already achieved at the school. And in such a relatively short period of time.” Ahmed is proud of the recognition and adds, “I will continue to achieve more with AMAB teachers and students.”

This year Microsoft chose 300 innovative educators from around the world as fellows and they will be honoured by Microsoft executives at a ceremony in Paris next year. Dr Mohammed Saefan, Ta’allum Director of Education, also hailed the achievement. He says, “We continue to carve a niche in the State of Qatar with our contribution to the country’s goal of promoting a knowledge-based economy for its citizens in the 21st Century.” Saefan adds, “The success of our teachers affirms our e-learning strategies which integrate Microsoft education. Ta'allum believes in the future role of technology and modern facilities to promote the best outcomes for our pupils.”

Ta'allum is fully committed to the Qatari 2030 vision of improved education as one of the major enablers to "transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development" by 2030. All three Ta’allum schools – Al Jazeera Academy, Al Maha Academy for Boys, and Al Maha Academy for Girls – are ‘Microsoft Showcase Schools’. It is an honour bestowed for having demonstrated commitment to embracing technology, transforming education and improving learning outcomes for students. AJA holds the record of being the first school in Qatar to earn the ‘Microsoft Showcase School’ title.