Posted on October 08, 2018

Three Ta’allum educators spoke at the national Teaching and Learning Forum sponsored by Qatar Foundation’s Education Development Institute. The conference took place on Sunday, 7th October at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

The theme of the forum was engagement, with keynote speeches and workshops by international educationalists like Steve Francis and Joy Marchese. Aimed at motivating teachers to reach for the highest level of student, staff and parent engagement and achievement, participants gained tools to inspire young people to excel personally and academically.

Ta'allum educators speak about 2 [].jpgTa’allum delegates Jude Ensaff, Samera Kouser, and Rukshana Begum spoke to visitors about the great work that has been achieved in Ta'allum academies over the past three years. Taallum's contribution, a poster presentation entitled 'Moving learners from passive to engaged: a strategic approach' outlined the steps taken in the three academies to move Early Years and Primary classrooms from teacher-directed to learner-centred approach. The delegates further described the ongoing journey in Al Maha Academy for Girls, Al Maha Academy for Boys and Al Jazeera Academy to learner-driven classrooms.

Some of the key methods that make the transition to learner-driven classrooms are the professional development of staff, use of hands-on resources and approaches, and the introduction of more speaking opportunities through practicals. Mohammed Saefan, Ta’allum Director of Education, says, “At the three academies, we are harnessing our resources in training our students to become independent learners. We are acquiring new technology and instructional materials to promote enquiry-based learning. As our presentation described it at this important forum, the learner is at the centre of the learning process.”

Ta'allum schools have made great strides forward for student engagement and achievement. This first foray into national and regional forums in education opens doors of opportunities in future for more sharing of Ta’allum successes.

Ta'allum educators speak about 3 [].jpg