Posted on April 11, 2011

The Doha Film Institute (DFI) constantly requires fresh and hardworking talent to facilitate and implement its diverse initiatives, executive director Amanda Palmer said yesterday on the sidelines of the 2011 Qatar Career Fair.

“DFI is growing at quite a fast rate, and both our departments and our initiatives have expanded enormously,” she told Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar student Nabil Gaber in an interview provided to Gulf Times. “DFI is an organisation that offers so many careers. While we have film education, DFI is not just for filmmakers -- we need people with varied skills to build this industry from the bottom up,” Palmer said. The DFI official pointed out that gone are the days when people joined an organisation, expecting to stay in the same job for their entire career.

Organisations now understand the organic nature of careers, and the onus is increasingly being placed on companies to provide career growth, on-going training and diversity. All departments of DFI work together in some way, which means graduates have opportunities to understand the organisation as a whole, while discovering new skill sets, working with different groups, as well as receiving training in disciplines that they may not have previously considered.
“DFI has a lot of trained professionals who are also committed to providing on-the-job training across every department, which is essential to building a film industry in Qatar,” Palmer stated.

She told Gaber, an International Politics Major, with public relations experience -- mostly with event planning, speech writing and press release drafting -- that his diverse skill set is perfect for DFI’s Communications or New Media departments. “These departments constantly communicate with local and international audiences and groups to build a profile of DFI as an organisation committed to building film culture and a film industry in Qatar,” she said.

The department has to communicate the many efforts of DFI’s year-round education team, film financing initiatives, and community outreach team, as well as build the corporate profile. “New Media generally focuses on communities and audiences, while the Communications team tends to focus on press, as well as other international organisations,” Palmer added. The DFI is participating in the Career Fair as part of its mandate to develop a sustainable film industry in Qatar and the region. The DFI media lounge will provide local graduates, university students, academic specialists, and parents information about the various employment, training, education and development opportunities available within the organisation.

To coincide with DFI’s growth in film financing, film education and year-round programming, DFI’s recruitment initiatives are expanding in 2011 with the introduction of a Graduate Development Programme. Open to all students across universities in Doha, it will offer them learning and training opportunities in key departments for a period of six months to a year. It is aimed at capacity development within the local community, offering fresh graduates hands-on training to further their skill sets and foster their competitiveness for potential careers.

source: Gulf Times