Posted on August 29, 2014

The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has scotched rumours about contamination of subsidised milk distributed to Qataris through rations (Tamween). The ministry said all stocks of milk supplied through Tawmeen were fit for human consumption and free from contamination.

The clarification follows reports circulating on social media over the past few days that worms were found in some of the cans of Tamween milk. Many citizens responding to a Twitter posting sought an immediate clarification from authorities. 

In a statement yesterday, the ministry said it had conducted a thorough investigation into all quantities of the subsidised milk being distributed to citizens following a complaint lodged by a citizen, who claimed that he had found worms in one of the cans.

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Laboratory tests were conducted on samples collected from various supply centres and none contained any worms or insects, said the ministry. The 160ml can in which worms had been found was infected from outside, said the statement. It had the manufacturing date as 1/11/2013 and expiry date as 1/11/2014, the statement added. 

Inspectors also found many cans in the same carton with fermented milk indicating to poor storage, which is a clear violation of the law, said the statement. However, worms or insects had not been found in any of the other cans in the carton.

The same product had been checked at various supply centres and no insects or worms were found, inside or outside the boxes, the ministry said, adding all the remaining stocks were fit for consumption.

source: The Peninsula