Posted on April 18, 2017

The interactive ride-booking terminal, is being rolled out in Hotel Lobbies and Premier Residences throughout Qatar by locally-founded company, GORIDR. Every reservation screen is co-branded for the specific location, with their logo and colors respectively. GORIDR signed up the prestigious group Le Mirage on April 17 as well as completed training with Le Mirage operating staff and Limo Company drivers on the same day.

‘The Concierge’, concept launched by GORIDR via the Tourism division of QBIC, is also looking to be placed in Airports, Restaurants, Qatar Airways and Subsidiaries, Resorts, Corporates, Towers, Embassies, Industrial areas, Educational Institutes, Clubs, Government locations, Tourist spots, Townships, Smart cities and the offices of Limousine Companies progressively.

A terminal at each hotel 2 [].jpg

According to Co-founder, Ashley Titus: “GORIDR’s reservation portal with access to four classes of vehicles, is operable on any device be-it via the flagship touchscreen device or any other device. This flexibility provides multiple touch-points on the Demand side spread over a networked deployment and thus has the ability to increase the efficiency of Limousine Companies tied to the platform by 300%.  Looking into the future, access could be made available on trains, as soon as the metro is opened, so that passengers can arrange for a taxi, to be waiting for them on the stops, upon arrival”

For those without access to mobile data connections or simply put, a booking app on their smartphones, ‘Call The Concierge’ enables practically any customer to hail a ride of their choice of class, by calling the nearest Concierge and providing their name, mobile number, email address and payment choice. “The interface is user-friendly and simple, with just a few taps and information input. It saves time, is cost-efficient, and a value driven customer service portal for Premier locations. Training of Concierge Operators, will be provided by GORIDR as well as support to our partners 24/7” says Ashley Titus.

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Payments are flexible, and can be made with cash or charged to an account. GORIDR’s Co-founder, Saleh Al-Marri, shares: “Our goal is to deploy The Concierge at key locations, all around Doha to create nodes, all networked to each other and thus seamlessly manage the efficiency of Limo Company fleets. We will also establish standards for the drivers and vehicles based upon the class of vehicle assigned, including catering for customers of special needs progressively. We will promote a reliable, safe, and efficient ride hailing service; On-Demand and Advance booking.”

Hotels, Residences and Limo Companies - For information on partnering with GORIDR, please reach out via their website, and direct all enquiries by email to: [email protected]