Posted on March 14, 2017

Aspire Academy concluded its third bi-annual ‘Aspire for Education’ conference on Tuesday, March 14, at the Torch Ballroom in Aspire Zone in Doha. The second and final day of the conference, which was held under the theme “Our Values, Our Pride,” featured renowned local and regional experts discussing their research, participating in panel discussions and conducting workshops.

Talks covered topics such as ‘Strategies for value-based education and methods for integrating them in curricula’, which was presented by Dr. Salih Aldegla, supervisor of the National Transformation Programme 2020 and the KSA Vision 2030; ‘Neuroscience research findings in developing leadership values’; presented by Dr. Jamil Al Babli; Head of the academic support programme at Aspire Academy; ‘The use of media to promote positive societal values’, presented by Dr. Zouhair Mzidi, Founder and Director of Arabs' Media Consultation and Marketing; ‘Introduction into Al-Arqam Academy’s value system’, presented by Ms. Ahlam Othman, Head of the Values and Life Skills Department for Al Arqam Girls Academy; and ’The development process of life skills from theory to practice’, presented by Mr. Shawkat Al-Talafha, Director General of ‘Rowad Al Ghad’ Education Centre.

Third Aspire For Education 1 [].jpg

Dr. Saleh Al Dagla, Consultant in Development and Values and supervisor of the National Transformation Programme 2020 and KSA Vision 2030 at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia, praised Aspire Academy’s decision to hold the conference, saying: “I’m very thrilled to be part of this conference and I commend Aspire Academy for its impressive organisation of this event. They have gathered the best local and regional expertise in one place, enabling collaboration and discussion around vital topics that will benefit all of us and, more importantly, education as a whole.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Zuhair Al-Mzidi, Founder and Director of Arabs' Media Consultation and Marketing, added: “Aspire Academy is known as a leader in sporting education but this conference, which focused on the less well-known, educational aspect of the Academy’s role in developing students, has set a positive example for all local and regional educators. We hope to see others embark on the same journey to excellence by holding innovative conferences like this one.”

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Attendees also benefited from comprehensive workshop sessions delivered by Aspire Academy’s experts, which provided them with useful insights into issues such how to ensure children are raised to develop a good understanding of Islamic culture, how to develop students’ talents so they can be used for the benefit of society, and encouraging students to be just and respectful towards other people, irrespective of their religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Since its establishment, Aspire Academy has sought to develop students holistically, providing individuals with a comprehensive academic, social and sporting education. The ‘Aspire for Education’ conference brings to life the Academy’s mission to elevate the learning experience of its students, helping Aspire Academy realise its aim of becoming a leader in sports and academic excellence.