Posted on September 17, 2018

With selfies becoming second nature of most millennials, it was only a matter of time till smartphone makers created a device that offered the most stunning selfie. Huawei’s third-generation devices such as the HUAWEI’s nova 3 series, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), promises that and more with perfect colour, clarity and contrast, while capturing everything in the foreground and background of the scene.

Let’s take a look at five innovations that make HUAWEI nova 3 a must-have phone for every selfie lover:

1-Huawei nova 3 series features the AI-enhanced dual front camera (24MP + 2MP)

The artificially intelligent phones are equipped with a (24MP + 2MP)  dual  front camera to capture the best-looking selfies. The AI enhancements will create selfies at the first click by capturing both the face and the surroundings. Creating authentic bokeh effects while maintaining the depth and detail of the scene is instantly possible with the new wide aperture lens on the high-resolution front camera is joined by a broad spectrum color sensor.

2-Impressive Selfies supported with AI scene recognition

Historically, phones and beautification apps had always placed their focus on a subject’s face, with little regard to the relations between a subject and his or her background. Such photos generally appeared a little weak when capturing the background. However, HUAWEI nova 3  and Huawei nova 3i is enabled with AI scene recognition, which allows the device to recognize more than 200 scenarios in 8 categories including blue sky, beach, plant, night, stage, flower, indoor and snow, and can automatically optimize the portraits and backgrounds.

HUAWEI nova 3 series promises to capture every detail to create an enhanced shot that offers best colour optimization features.


Top 5 innovations of Huawei 2 [].jpg

3-AI Beautification That’s Just Right

Many traditional photography apps lack a great user experience. Take a stroll on the social media and it’s not hard to find people griping about the googly eyes, elongated faces, overexposed faces and unrealistic body proportions on over-processed photos.

Therefore, to better understand users and find out how they define beauty, Huawei has built a massive database of selfies after surveying its users, and uses the data to improve its beautification algorithms. HUAWEI nova 3 series is a smartphone with AI quad-camera handset and has a set focal length of 35mm for selfies providing the best-in-technology to capture a stunning AI selfie. The AI enabled beauty algorithm offers seven skin tones and textures for users to choose from and customize their selfies to create their own definition of beauty.

4-Outstanding HDR Pro Shots, Even in the Dark

Overexposure has always been a problem for photographers. For the longest time, photographers had to work around lighting conditions that are out of their control, unable to tweak the exposure on specific objects. To tackle this issue head-on, Huawei deployed a solution that leverages both hardware and software of the HUAWEI nova 3 series. The multi-spot metering supported on the device intelligently optimizes and adjust the exposure for every individually row of pixels on the sensor to achieve the HDR effect.

Top 5 innovations of Huawei 3 [].jpg

5-AI Super-Resolution Graphics Processing

Older camera technologies have a hard time capturing all the details but HUAWEI nova 3 series analyzes features such as edges, corners and curves in the image in detail and automatically adjust parameters to sharpen the edge and produce images with clearer details.

Targeting young consumers who love taking selfies, being entertained, and staying abreast trends, the newest nova series is the best combination of hardware and software working together to create a premium user experience. Whether you’re looking for a device for work or play, the HUAWEI nova 3 and Huawei nova 3i will have you covered.

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