Posted on April 10, 2015

As a part of its renewed commitment to environmental protection as a key strategy, Total recently held a beach clean-up, in the southern coast of Halul Island, situated 80km north-east of Doha, said Gulf Times. Over 200 of Total’s employees and contractors participated in the clean-up of the island which contains facilities processing the production of several neighbouring oil and gas fields, in particular Al Khalij field operated by Total. 

The team collected over one ton of waste in the one-day event as part of the company’s advocacy of promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. “The protection of our environment is an important part of our corporate social responsibility”, said Guillaume Chalmin, managing director of Total E&P Qatar and Group Representative. “It is necessary that we keep our environment clean and preserve the natural resources of our host country Qatar”, he added.

Ahmed Tarzi, Total’s site manager at Halul island who headed the campaign said: “It was great to see the commitment and dedication of our colleagues in keeping the coastline clean. We hope this will inspire our counterparts to join in the efforts in maintaining the environment. At the end, we had fun while making a difference.” Total has had a continuous presence in Qatar for close to 80 years, and is the only international oil company active in all branches of Qatar’s oil and gas sector. This includes exploration and production, refining and petrochemicals, and the marketing of lubricants.