Posted on September 27, 2015

Qatar will witness a total lunar eclipse in the early hours of Monday; the moon will be covered completely for 72 minutes, said a senior official at Qatar Scientific Club (QSC), said The Peninsula.

“The eclipse will begin at 3.11am local time. By 5.12am, the moon will be covered completely. Total eclipse will last for 72 minutes,” an astronomer Sheikh Salman bin Jabor Al Thani of QSC told Al Sharq. “The moon will start coming out from the shadow of the earth from 6.24am. The eclipse will end by 7.28am,” he added. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth comes in between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow on the moon. Earth’s shadow will blanket the full moon as the planet passes between the sun and the moon. The brilliant white glow of the moon will slowly transform into a dim red. The coloring is caused by Earth’s atmosphere scattering sunlight into the shadow.

The “supermoon”, also known as a “blood moon” is one that appears bigger and brighter than usual as it reaches the point in its orbit that is closest to Earth. It has been more than 30 years since a supermoon combined with a lunar eclipse, according to Nasa. The next total lunar eclipse will not be until 2018. The next supermoon-lunar eclipse combination will not happen until 2033. If skies are clear, the phenomenon will be visible from North and South America, Europe, Africa and parts of West Asia and the eastern Pacific.