Posted on August 09, 2019

The General Directorate of Traffic, represented by the Traffic Patrols and Investigation Department, has opened a Traffic Investigation Office at the Gulf Takaful Insurance Company headquarters as part of the department’s efforts to improve its performance and services.

First Lieutenant Hamoud Mubarak al Shafi, officer of Traffic Investigation Offices in insurance companies at the Traffic Patrols and Investigation Department, said the offices carry out procedures related to repair and maintenance of vehicles damaged in road accidents. 

Obtaining accident certificate, paying traffic violation fines, obtaining a painting permit of a vehicle with the same colour, as well as registering unknown accidents can be done through these offices without referring to the Traffic Investigation Department at the General Directorate of Traffic or any of other traffic sections. He added that the office will have an investigation officer to complete the traffic procedures, which will be followed by the procedures of the insurance company. “This is the sixth investigation office opened by the Department at insurance companies” First Lt. Al Shafi said. He pointed out that the plan of the Department includes the opening of more traffic investigation offices with other insurance companies to alleviate the work pressure on the Traffic Investigation Sections. 

For his part, Salah Mohammed Abdul Ghani, Executive Director of the Automotive Department at Gulf Takaful Insurance Company, thanked the General Directorate of Traffic for opening a traffic investigation office inside the company’s headquarters. It also promotes transparency and clarity regarding the rights of auditors commensurate with the damage to the vehicle.

source: Qatar Tribune