Posted on September 08, 2011

The Ministry of Interior has announced that it will be dispatching extra traffic patrol officers across the country on September 12 to help alleviate the back-to-school traffic rush.

Most schools in the country -- including all independent schools and many private and community schools -- are scheduled to reopen on Sunday after a prolonged summer holiday. MOI is bracing for a sudden increase in pedestrians and vehicles on the roads.

The ministry held a meeting this week with senior officials form the Traffic Department, Internal Security Force and Fazaa to solidify its action plan, which will involve a significant increase in police presence in the streets during peak traffic hours.

Motorists are advised to exercise extra caution and keep an eye out for both vehicles and students crossing the streets.

The ministry also has plans to launch the next phase of its traffic safety awareness campaign in schools. The campaign, which began three years ago, targets school children and has helped reduce casualty rates caused by traffic accidents. The next phase of the campaign will involve school-organized field trips to Rumailah Hospital, where students will listen to various first-hand accounts from survivors of road accidents. 

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