Posted on December 31, 2018

Government Services Complexes have made remarkable achievement as their transactions crossed over 7,000 a day in offering fast track services provided by the ministries and government institutions under one roof.

“These complexes which are operating in many parts across the country are making between 6,000 to 7,500 transactions on daily basis,” said Nasser Hadi Al Subai, Assistant Director of Government Services Complexes at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, while speaking at a Qatar TV programme recently. He said that so far about five million transactions were made by these complexes since their establishment. Eight ministries and government institutions are offering hundreds of services at 11 branches of government services complexes operating across the country. They are available in Messaimer, Umm Salal, Al Wakrah, Hilal, Daayen, Al Khor, Shamal, Shehaniya and Onaiza. 

The service providers at these complexes include Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Economy and Industry; Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Education and Higher Education; Ministry of Municipality and Environment and Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa). “Government services complex saved the time and efforts of people as they can avail the services of many government entities under one roof enabling them to complete their work within 10 to 15 minutes,” said Al Subai. He said that five complexes are working in two shifts - morning and evening - allowing those people who could not visit in the morning due to their jobs could avail the services in the evening from 3pm to 7pm. Speaking about the workload at the complexes, Al Subai said: “Some complexes operating at densely populated areas like Al Rayan, Mesaimeer and Onaiza receive large number of visitors.”

Regarding major benefit of the complexes, he said that in some cases visitors are required to visit more than one entity like Ministry of Economy and Industry; Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs which are available under one roof at the complexes. Assistant Director of of GSC said that the complexes are being expended according to the population of the country and existing complexes are based on the census of 2015.

The management of government services complex called all government entities to join the complex. “We invited service providers to offer their services at the complex. We are ready to sit with them to meet their requirements,” said Al Suabi. He said that the complex offered special training with the help of an advanced system of training, simulation to the employees for better services to the visitors. The residents also laud the services being provided at these complexes. “Government services complex eased our job in a big way. Now we are able to apply for visas, issuance and renewal of commercial licenses within few minutes,” Barkatullah Khan, Manager of ‘Ibrahim Manpower Recruitment’, a manpower agency operating at Al Najma told The Peninsula.

He said that some services required approval from the Ministry of Economy and Industry and Ministry of Municipality and Environment and both are available under one roof at the complex.

source: The Peninsula