Posted on March 14, 2012

In pursuit of drawing the world’s attention to the cause of the growing famine in West Africa, two Qatari young men are determined to climb the mount of Kilimanjaro (pictured), Africa's highest peak, during the next week.

Addressing a press conference here Wednesday, the two Qatari young men; Fahad Mohammad Al Boainen and Talal Abdulaziz Al Emadi, said their trip to Kilimanjaro, organized by Qatar Charity and sponsored by Barwa Bank, will start next Friday.

The cause will hold the theme of "Challenge for awareness campaign on the Famine Crisis of West Africa". Considered as an excavation trip, the two young men emphasize the main target of it as to draw the attention of the Arab and Islamic world and the international organizations to the sufferings that threaten millions of people in West Africa due to food shortages, particularly in Niger and Mali.

Fahad said, "We have decided to do this trip and the climbing of Kilimanjaro to back up the Arab, Islamic and international support to the needy countries at West Africa and to tell the whole world about a " tragedy", millions of people are living and that it could be even worse during the upcoming months if the world didn t take an action to stop its effects on humanity that started to appear in the horizon"

He further said, "We already had the desire to climb Kilimanjaro however linking it with these humanitarian goals made us more enthusiastic and determined to put it in action and to bear all the challenges to draw the attention to the growing humanitarian crisis in Niger, Mali and the neighboring countries."

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Talal and Fahad, former swimmers, have been set to intensive training in Doha simulating the conditions of climbing Kilimanjaro, the fourth highest summit in the globe of 5896 meters height, above the sea level.

They will climb a distance of 81 KM, as of 12 KM per day to reach the summit. The descending process will take about 30 hours only.

Elaborating about the route of their journey, they said it will start from Doha to Darussalam, capital of Tanzania, followed by a flight to Tanzania s Arusha where the climbing will start from the Mount Kilimanjaro reserve and will take up to seven days.

For his part, the head of the social responsibility department at Qatar charity, Ahmad Al Mulla stressed during the same conference the organization's due keenness to innovate and develop the work of charity and invest in the potentials of the Qatari Youth generally and sports youth in particular.

Al Mulla voiced hope the trip would be a bid for the charity organizations and the individuals to speed up their humanitarian duty towards Niger and Mali before the "tragedy", that started to recur in other countries such as Mauritania and Chad.

Head of Corporate Banking Group, Khaled Al Ahbabi, confirmed that the bank is committed to support the charity projects and improve the lives of those suffering difficulties. Fahad presented a brief on the crises of food, water, health, education in Niger based on his previous visit there last week.

The coast of Africa is witnessing a wave of dehydration and severe food crisis as the famine there threatens the lives of about 10 to 15 million persons in Niger, Mali, Chad, and Mauritania. More than a million child under the age of 5 are vulnerable to risks of severe malnutrition at the previously mentioned regions.