Posted on November 09, 2017

Uber has announced, following a number of fruitful discussions with driver-partners in Qatar, the launch of a series of new features designed to streamline and improve the Uber driver-partner experience. The features, which are being rolled out across the MENA region, aim to address three key areas: Flexibility, Efficiency and Earnings – demonstrating the company’s willingness to translate feedback into direct action.

To start, Uber will be rolling out a series of new products which driver-partners have asked for. These include:

  • Arrival Destination & Time: Driver-partners can now set their own personal arrival destination and time so that when accepting a trip, they can still get where they need to be even while dropping a rider off on the way – allowing for more flexibility and providing them with more opportunity to make a little extra money on the way.
  • Long trip notification: Driver-partners will now get a heads-up when a trip is estimated to be 60 minutes or longer, so they have the information they need to fit driving around their life, and not the other way around.
  • Paid waiting timeLong wait times can be stressful for drivers-partners. By the time they arrive at the pick-up location, the partner has already invested time and effort in getting to a rider - now we ensure they get paid while they wait, after a grace period for the rider.
  • In App Chat – The aim of this technology is to make the pick-up experience as frictionless as possible, both for the rider and the driver-partner. Streamlining the whole experience, the In-App Chat allows driver-partners and riders to coordinate the pick-up faster, since there’s no need to switch between apps to get in touch. For driver-partners, chats are read aloud and one tap to the app will send a “thumbs up” confirmation to their rider ensure they can stay focused on the road.

What does this mean for drivers? For example, When Imran wakes up the morning, he logs in to the Uber app and takes trip. Closer to the time he wants to head home, he can use the “Arrival Destination and Time” feature to input the home address and the time he needs to be there. The final rider he picks up is also then heading in that direction, ensuring he gets to where he needs to be, while benefitting from one more trip. Commenting on the new features, Chris Free, General Manager, Uber Qatar said: “We recognize that drivers have been the backbone of what has made the Uber app so successful since we launched in Qatar in 2014. These features are an acknowledgement of that key role, and are designed to make the app an even more driver-friendly experience. Moving forward, Uber will continue to innovate and invest in technology that ensures a seamless and efficient experience - for both the rider and the driver-partner.”

Over the next couple of months, Uber aims to launch even more products that can improve the driving experience, as part of the company’s commitment to change, and to continuously improving the overall experience on the app.