Posted on October 18, 2017

The University of Calgary in Qatar is announcing its annual call for applications from Qatari nationals and residents of Qatar to its Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Nursing programs. Applicants passionate about enhancing the health goals of Qatar are encouraged to submit their application to the University before March 1, 2018.The University of Calgary in Qatar is an accredited, Canadian university and Qatar’s sole institution for nursing education.

“Our mission at the University of Calgary in Qatar is to educate and train nurses who can help improve health outcomes and patient care locally,” according to Dr. Deborah White, Dean and CEO of UCQ. “Our graduates are vital to Qatar’s goals, because healthy families and a vibrant population are necessary for strong national development. For anyone who wants to make a valuable contribution to Qatar’s health sector, the University of Calgary in Qatar is a great place for you.”

Those interested in applying are invited to visit the campus and attend UCQ’s Open House on November 18(11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.).Prospective students and their families will be given the opportunity to meet with professors and UCQ’s management, as well as tour the University’s classrooms and training facilities. UCQ’s Student Services office will also help guide applicants through the application process.

UCQ alumna Noof Fahad Al-Kuwari (’14), Clinical Nurse in Pediatric Surgery, Sidra Medicine reflected on her experience at UCQ by saying, “The University of Calgary in Qatar gave me the education and skills to make a positive impact on the healthcare system of my country. Nurses are a vital part of any hospital or clinic and this is a responsibility I take very seriously. We help to save lives through patient care, education, and as health advisors in our families and communities. I am grateful the University of Calgary in Qatar prepared me so well for this important role.”

UCQ’s Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program is a four-year course of study that prepares students to become Qatar’s future nursing leaders. Students gain practical and theoretical experience and instruction from UCQ’s professors, who bring a range of academic and clinical expertise. Graduates of the BN program go on to careers in community health, primary care centers, hospitals, and academia. The Master of Nursing (MN) program is an advanced degree designed to enhance the leadership and management skills of nurses already in the workforce. A two-year program requiring a full-time work release, UCQ’s MN program focuses on preparing nurses in Qatar to make a lasting impact in their chosen fields. Specializations include oncology, leadership, and thesis-based tracks.

The University of Calgary in Qatar engages individuals, families and communities in activities designed to enhance family capacity to attain and improve health. UCQ’s nursing students and graduates practice in the community, in primary health centres, and in acute care hospitals. UCQ’s program exemplifies a vision of modern nursing that develops graduates who deliver evidence-based health care and who are strong critical thinkers and change agents whose focus is the entire family.