Posted on March 21, 2011

The University of Calgary – Qatar has been recognized for delivering excellence in nursing education.  The honor was bestowed upon the varsity by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN).  “The CASN Accreditation Bureau recognizes the strengths of your educational unit and educational programs,” writes CASN in a letter to UCQ.   CASN accreditation is recognized worldwide as an important, objective method of reviewing professional education programs in order to identify strengths, vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement.  It is the first time CASN has awarded accreditation to an institution outside of Canada.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the CASN decision.  It is the gold standard of nursing accreditation in Canada,” states Dr. Carolyn Byrne, Dean and CEO at UCQ.  “It demonstrates to our students and the State of Qatar that they are receiving quality education and value from their investment.”

UCQ faculty and staff are also delighted by the announcement.  Assistant Professor Mary Lou King says, “This is indeed an accomplishment to be proud of. From my observations in the first two months of employment at UCQ, it is well-deserved recognition for a distinguished faculty and support staff who demonstrate committed teamwork and unconditional conviction to student-centered learning.”

Every aspect of a nursing program is investigated during the evaluation process.  All resources, including the support and administrative structures, the academic unit, buildings and the library are assessed.  A three-member review team visited UCQ last fall and their findings were presented to an accreditation board which makes the final determination.  The accreditation application was led by Dr. Alice Gaudine, Associate Dean.

There will be a second phase in the accreditation process.  UCQ graduates, the inaugural class of 2010, will be surveyed along with their employers to evaluate the effectiveness of what they learned at UCQ.  It will be completed next year.