Posted on November 12, 2016

To celebrate World Diabetes Day in Qatar, United Development Company (UDC), a leading Qatari shareholding company and master developer of The Pearl-Qatar, in collaboration with Qatar Diabetes Association,organized a Diabetes Awareness Day at The Pearl-Qatar.

UDC Diabetes Awareness Day was held with the aim to spread awareness about diabetes among all community members. The campaign was also designed to educate members of the community on the importance of early detection, while encouraging them to undergo necessary tests on a regular basis. The Diabetes Awareness Day was coordinated by Qatar Diabetes Association, with informative posters displayed throughout The Pearl Qatar, in addition to other related programs.

Booths were set up in at The Amphitheater in Porto Arabia, giving residents and visitors the opportunity to undergo pre-diabetes risk assessments, blood pressure monitoring,random blood sugar monitoring, BMI check and body fat analysis. Specialists were present on site at The Amphitheater in Porto Arabia to offer expert advice. It was very encouraging to note that many residents and visitors participated in this event. The screening camp was a part of UDC’s efforts to tackle diabetes in Qatar. These efforts focus on educating members of the community and those at risk on the factors that contribute to the condition, and empowering them to avoid and manage it through early detection. It also equips members of the community with simple steps, tools and know-how to safeguard their health.

UDC hosts Awareness Day [].jpg

Diabetes is one of Qatar’s biggest health challenges. The proportion of people with Diabetes in Qatar is among the highest in the world, with 16.7% of Qataris having the condition according to a recent Qatar STEP wise report. In addition, the International Diabetes Federation predicted that 25% of all Qataris will have Diabetes by 2030 if the diabetes challenge is not addressed and lifestyles not modified.