Posted on December 15, 2011

Qatar history and Arab pride and sacrifice were conveyed in a student-led National Day celebration at the University of Calgary – Qatar.

“We are here today to pay tribute to the Qatar pioneers who built this country into becoming a leader in the Gulf region in everything from human and resource development to health, education and technology,” exclaimed student Noof Al-Kuwari, who was master of ceremonies. “When we celebrate this day every year, we remember some of our great leaders and their efforts to achieve peace and unity in the country.”

The organizing committee along with UCQ corporate leaders

Hissa Al-Aali, Associate Director College of Nursing Project, congratulated and thanked The Emir and HH Sheikha Moza for the advancements they have made on behalf of the State. “Qatar has developed in a very short time and has become a world class country that is influencing the whole world, not just the Gulf Region. The University of Calgary – Qatar is a perfect example of how they are investing in human development. I love Qatar, with all my passion and dedication. I hope it will remain safe and peaceful.”  

Dean and CEO Carolyn Byrne told the gathering, “The National Day celebration is a reminder of the ideals and visionary aspirations that Qatar was founded on. It pays homage to the great men and women who helped build the nation.  So, while we celebrate Qatar’s major historic achievements, the pain and suffering of those who fought for Qatar’s independence, let’s also celebrate the achievements of our students, the faculty and staff here at UCQ who are building on the work of Qatar pioneers and help make this great nation, even greater.”

Aisha Al Khyarin, one of the key organizers of the celebration delivered an impassioned message. “I am very proud of what we accomplished today. To see people of all races and religions, Muslim, non-Muslim celebrating and sharing together fills my heart with joy. The Royal Family is giving me a lot with the education they are providing here at UCQ. They are working hard to build the country and give everyone in it the opportunity to grow and advance with excellent health care and education.” 

Ardha dancers

Traditional Ardha folk dancing, poetry and a video of Qatar’s history that was created by the students highlighted the celebration. The students, their families and friends and the faculty and staff of UCQ also got to sample some traditional Qatar food that was prepared by the students.

Al-Aali was high impressed with the student’s dedication and loyalty to the State of Qatar. “I have attended many National Day celebrations and I have never experienced such a high level event as this one. We have become a world class organization where students can express their opinions and feelings and celebrate all nationalities together.”