Posted on March 25, 2019

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ), in collaboration with Qatar University, recently hosted an Inter-professional Education (IPE) event to examine the topic of mental health. Forty four students from UCQ welcomed 22 of their peers from the Qatar University Pharmacy Department to participate in this unique learning opportunity.

This was the third IPE event to examine mental health challenges and it enabled students to learn from and assess clients with mental health issues. IPE is a collaborative learning exercise amongst students from different academic fields.

“Working with mental health patients over the years, I cannot overstate the importance of a collaborative approach to treatment,” Justin Burkett, one of the UCQ organizers, explained. “Pharmacy and nursing each bring a wealth of knowledge to patient care and improving outcomes for individuals and families. The IPE at UCQ with QU pharmacy students was an excellent opportunity to begin fostering trust in each other’s profession that will remain throughout their careers.”

Students also found the IPE event very helpful to their academic pursuits. One UCQ student described the importance of collaboration between nursing and pharmacy by saying, “This year’s IPE event gave me a new experience of how nurses and pharmacies can work together to improve the patient’s status. The experience was different because I understand how pharmacists work with patients who have mental health challenges. I was able to apply the clinical skills and knowledge I have practically with a standardized patient, and I was able to collaborate with other health care professionals,” according to one Qatar University student. “This opportunity gave me a better understanding of mental health issues and I learned the importance of communication and establishing trust with patients.”

The University of Calgary in Qatar is the only Canadian university in Qatar and the country’s exclusive provider of Bachelor and Master Degrees in Nursing. The deadline for applications to the Fall 2019 term is April 1, 2019.